November 14, 2013


SLDS Training Follow-Up

Chance McPherson sent the following links that will take you to a couple of guides for using SLDS Teacher Dashboard, how to use TRL, and information for the Growth Model. You need to check these links frequently as these resources will continue to be updated as bothe the SLDS and TRL dashboards are updated.

Teacher Dashboard:

SLDS Teacher Dashboard

Teacher Resource Link

Growth Model:

Contact info and Webinar Links

User Guide

Georgia School Personnel Survey (GSPS)

Remember, the School Climate Survey is part of our CCRPI Rating.


The connections' teachers have come to the leadership team with concerns about duty free lunch.


  1. Teachers are not dropping off and/or picking up students on time.
  2. Silent Lunch should not be given for more than 2 consecutive days and not to exceed 2 in one week per student.
  3. There is a lot of congestion at trash cans in the Titan Cafe due to overlapping of times.


  1. The connection teachers that are on duty will be writing down the time that each teacher drops off and picks up their students and Ms. Tarallo and Mr. Sailors will address it on an individual basis.
  2. If you are continually assigning silent lunch to a specific student, you may want to rethink your course of action for that student because silent lunch as a consequence is obviously not working. You need to move to the next step of consequences associated with your classroom management plan.
  3. The lunch schedule has been amended to help with some of the overlapping and to have only one grade level at a time in the cafe.

Click Below for the Revised Lunch Schedule


If you are interested in getting your reading endorsement. The district has funds to cover tuition costs for 25 participants. You will need to contact Terri Harris if you are interested. The deadline for registration is Dec. 20, 2013 and the course begins Jan. 6, 2014.