Laurie's Life Story!!!

Laurie B

All about me

Hello Iam going to tell you about me let's get sterted,I am in 3rd grade I am 8 years old I was born in May 9th 2007.My favorite subjects are MATH,READING,WRITING,SPELLING,SCIENCE.My friends are Natalia,Jasmine,Alexis,Rayna,Britney,and Kate.

Meet my family

Meet my family first i am going to tell you about my mom,she works at JKB and she loves it :) Now I am going to tell you about my dad when he was an adult he was in the marines:)Now it's my brothers turn he is 11 he is getting so much taller.

Important Events

One time I was going at the STATE FAIR was going on this horror roalercoaster it was so freaken scary I closed my eyes for the whole time I was screaming,want my mommy when I just said it. Itwas done at the middle IWas crying.

Favorite holidays

1.Christmas,well i am going to get 3 things for christmas , i am going to get sew cool,yummy nummies soda shop and beados gems 2.thanksgiving some times i will go to my moms friend´s house.By the way she has a puppy and the puppy is a girl she always wants to bite me.Her name is binkie.

Important goals

When i am 10 yrs old i am going to get my black belt i will be so excited and when i finish taekwondo i will be doing gymnastics I heard that gymnastics was really fun so I am going to try it out

Favorite animal and pet.

My favorite animal and pet are a hamster and a koala they are just like so cute I just want 3 of them for christmas but I am NOT!:(
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I hoped you guys liked my AUTOBIOGRAPHY I wish you a happy new year and Merry Christmas:good by!