The Nazis

the holocaust with the nazis

Hitler working towards his goal

Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazis, he made tons of speeches around the world… he attended meetings, shook people's hands and even kissed babies. He made hundreds of newspapers. Hitler offered something to to the unemployed and, profits to the industry. He expanded the Army and promised to make order and take control. The Nazis were a group of members that worked constantly to make Hitlers plan work.

What was Hitlers goal?

Adolf Hitler did everything he possibly could to take down the Jews and get everyone to agree with him, and he did a pretty good job at it too. Hitler was very good at using intimidation and manipulation to get others to agree with him. His main goal was to take down the Jews and be in full control over everyone and everything.

Taking advantage

Hitler took advantage of his power and dominated dictatorship.

In March 1933, the Nazis used intimidation and manipulation to pass the Enabling Act, and let them pass the laws that had to be voted. This caused the people to have less control and it progressed his power

Taking away the peoples rights

Hitler made the cabinet end all individual freedoms like… freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly. The people lost all their right to privacy, which meant that Hitler could read people's mail, and even listen in on there phone calls without any kind of warrant. He was a very manipulative man that had a little too much power.

Working Hard Towards Their Goal

The Nazi party won 107 seats in the German Parliament, which helped them to become the second largest party.

On October 13,1930 the Nazis dressed in brown clothes and took their seats. Winning the award they all yelled ‘Heil Hitler’ the Nazis celebrated this by smashing windows of Jewish shops, restaurants and department stores. In January 1933 President Von Hindenburg appointed Hitler chancellor, he believes the Nazis could be controlled under the cabinet.

Execution: Real video from nazi Germany

The Big Question Why?

Hitler hated the Jews so much…. but why? well it really goes back to when he was trying to become an artist and 9% of the people where he lived were Jewish. He eventually became a soldier for the world war one and like any other German soldier it was hard to accept the defeat of the German empire.

he believed the Jews ‘stole’ the victory from the country in the first world war.


stereotyping- a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing

Maybe the Jews weren't actually so bad. they probably wanted the same thing as the Nazis. That's where it comes into stereotyping.... the Nazis put a label on the Jews because of what their religion. What if the Nazis would have given them a chance and just maybe seen eye to eye on things, they could have have a more powerful stronger group. There would have been a lot less deaths and a stronger society.

In The End

i really wish i knew someone that was involved in this period of time. just sitting with someone who has been through something like this it would be an honor even if they were apart of the Nazis group. These people went through so much at one time i cant even imagine how hard it could have been. In the end i think if they would have communicated with each other it would have made things a lot easier, but that's just my opinion.
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