Austin Grover

Ceramics 1

Nike starting block

I created this becasue i love brand nike and i also love track so they kinda go hand in hand.

I had cave in problems and i fixed them by scoring and scrathing extra. I also put a thin layer of clay inside my pieace for reinforcement. If i could change anything i proabbly would add a greater verity of glazes to my pieace. I also would make my design stand out more.

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Cretique of jhon deweese pottery

The artist uses dark colors and nothing bright. The artist incooperates desgihns and metal in this pieace as well. This pieace is asymetrical and has quit a bit of shading. I think this arists sculpture is about a dark mug used to carrey ancient water pluse the mug doesnt want to be a mug but would rather morph into somthing diffrent.
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Art Critque of free

You see the guy has some mucles and he's trapped and bound to a stake. He has short hair and his head bowed. His legs are close together and his hands are bound behind him. It is arranged where he is infront of a stake. Alone standing their with his bowed head. He has a light shining down on him and his head creating a shadow. He is alone with no one around standing still. I think is art pieace is about a man who was trapped and had his freedom taken away from him. Right now he is sad a longs for freedom. I think the story this art pieace is trying to tell you is that we did not always have freedom. This peaice is succesful because it correctly communicates how the author feels and shows how freedom wasnt always free. He successfully creates this by showing that the man is sad and in greavince. He also communicates this through how the shadow falls on is chest and the bent head communicates alot twords the mood of this pieace.