Egypt Culture

By: Bruce D, Evan P, Tabitha O

Egypt Culture Introduction

Culture was important to all of the River Valley Civilizations. Culture is the behavior and beliefs of a particular group that not all people believe in. Culture allows people to practice their own beliefs and learn more about what they believe in. Culture impacted the River Valley Civilizations because of Religion. The Egyptians believed that when they died, they would live in the “after world” with Osiris and be relieved of stress and painful times. There were five main reasons why culture was impacted The River Valley Civilizations included religion, writing, architecture, innovation, and achievements. Culture inspired many civilizations to create new and historic architecture and achievements.

Egypt Photo Gallery

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Achievements Drawing

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Architecture Fact Sheet

  • People built homes along the Nile River

  • Surveyors started using mathematical terms to benefit the outcome of buildings

  • Pyramids had a big affect on architecture because they created the pyramid shape and gave a new aspect to buildings

  • Made small houses with bricks and straw and used mud to stick them together-mud brick house


In conclusion culture had a huge impact on River Valley Civilizations! Architecture, Written Language, Achievements, Innovations, and Religion were the 5 main things that were inspired by Culture. Religion impacted the Egyptians because it affected there daily life by what they did, when they worshiped, and who they worshiped. Architecture affected Egyptians because it left history of what they did! Achievements impacted Culture because they kept records of what they achieved and what they conquered. Innovations impacted culture because what they created was history and brings us are more advanced things today! Last but not least written language affected there culture because this is how they communicated with each other and how they worshiped, left records, and achieved many wars! This is how culture affected Culture in Egypt!