Poetry Project

By: Mohammadhesam varavei

I Wish

I Wish

I wish I was like a million dollars

I wish I had a Mercedes Benz

I wish I had less homework

I wish I had more time to sleep

I wish I had better athletic skills

I wish I had a longer weekend

i wish I had a magic wand

to make all my wishes

come true.

"Father" Ballad

When I was a baby boy,

My father told me to be cool,

He then gave me a toy;

And he also gave me some wool.

As I grew older,

My father told me not to play much,

He told me to ignore the nearby boulder;

And not to touch.

But even though he told me what to do,

My father wanted to be nice,

And I knew he cared for me too;

And didn't want me to feel like ice.

"Niners" Free Verse

Every Sunday evening, I watch the TV,

I watch as my Niners enter the field,

They give all their effort even if they lose;

They play good football every week every year.

The first time I watched them,

They were playing the championship,

They lost barely by six points;

But they played for the win.

The brave Niners play well every year,

And they haven't won in a few years like many other teams,

But they still try and try again;

And I still love watching my Niners play every year.