Maycomb Times

December 1933

Fire at Miss Maudie's House

Early today, a fire started in Miss Maudie's home. The fire started at 1am in the morning. The neighbors helped bring her funiture out from her house before it burnes down. Miss Maudie's house didn't completely burned down, because a fire truck came in time. In the confusion, someone draped a blancket over Scout, and there was a tenderness in the person's behavior as people could be impressed.

The Sick Dog

One day, a mad dog appeared, wandering down the main street toward the Finches’ house. Soon, Calpurnia called Atticus, and the sheriff of Maycomb, Heck Tate brought a rifle and asked Atticus to shoot the mad dog. Atticus fired the rifle, hitting the dog with his first shot despite his considerable distance from the dog. It was truly cruel and shocking case.

Mystery of Boo Radley

Boo Radley, who never came out from his house, and he was an urban leyend in town. No one knows what happened to him, people remember him as a crazy and weird man. But actually he wasn't a bad or crazy man. One day, Scout and Jem found

a present in a knowhole, as a ball of gray twine and next day there was two figures carved in soap to resemble Scout and Jem. No one knows who put the presents in the knowhole, except Atticus. The presents was from Boo Radley. The day of fire in Miss Maudie's house, at the time someone draped a blanket over Scout, and it was Boo Radley, but no one knows who was it except Nathan Radley. He did something nice and kind behaviour to people, but no one knows even Boo Radley was going out and he was a nice guy. He was in mystery to other people.

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