Social Media Safety

Clay Cochran

above is a link that has 10 tips about internet safety and it is made from personal victims of bad cases from internet social media gone wrong. this can help you because if you are doing things you aren't supposed to this can definitely change your mind and show you the true dangers. bad things can happen to anyone. don't think that these cases are rare and nothing will happen to you. because it definitely can.

things to remember when posting on social media

always remember when you are posting on social media that you don't expose yourself to strangers. you need to be safe. don't give out numbers names or information.

The Dangers of Social Media

Having a social media is a great way to communicate and great thing to have. but there are many dangers to having one. One way and a very important way to be safe on social networking is don't communicate with people online. That is a way to be stalked, harassed, and just threatened. There are many things that could go wrong if you communicate or send nudes to people online. You may think that these pictures go away but they surely do not. Someone, somewhere will find these pictures and potentially find you and stalk\harass you. These are dangers of communicating online.

Always remember to take the right precautions and don't talk to people you don't know. talk to the necessary people not people that are like models and are "into you". they are probably fake people. social network can be a safe, and scary thing at the same time. this paragraph is about how people need to be safe and don't mess with strangers.