Course Update


Check your feedback!

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This icon means you have feedback, which is an invaluable tool! It is very important that you check this as it means I've left suggestions or may haven even asked you to resubmit your assignment for additional points. You can also see this feedback by checking your grades (from the homepage, click Assessments and then grades.)

Need Help?

Remember, Open Office Hours are held weekly. You can drop in and ask questions at any time from 11-12 on Mondays or stay for a brief lesson on Thursdays (4 p.m. for Economics and 5 p.m. for APUSH.) You are also able to listen to the recordings at a later date. Please feel free to contact me at any time by email.

If you have fallen behind, pick up with the assignments for the current date on your Course Schedule. Please don't waste valuable time making up assignments for which the submission window has closed.