Week 7 Term 4


We have not had a lot of excursions this year due to COVID, however, we are up and running again with many trips planned to Perth. I would like to point out that this is a massive effort on the teacher's part and a great deal of planning goes into the planning, costing, supervision and curricula links for each outing. When the teachers are planning for such a large number of children it is difficult to make adaptations to the planning to suit the individual needs of every family. If we are going to continue to host excursions in Perth next year we will need parents and families to be on board with committing to arrangements made by the classroom teachers. which include:

  • One set payment price for the excursion
  • Only one option for drop off and pick up in Perth
  • All contact with flight desk will be made by the school
  • Office staff at the school will complete online check-in on behalf of students

End of Year Concerts

We have discovered a clash between our End of Year Concert and Royal Life Swimming Lessons in week 9 of the school term.

Being the solutions-focused organisation that we are we have altered our event to work around Royal Life and allow maximum opportunity for students to learn to swim.

We will combine our Awards Ceremony and End of Year Concert into one event on:

Tuesday 8th December 2020


Venue: Town Hall

Provided: Early lunch for school and community courtesy of ISS

It was not an option to move this date due to catering commitments. We appreciate ISS' support and flexibility in this event.

Parents are reminded that they are responsible for the supervision of pre-school aged siblings/children at the Town Hall.


We have had an Indigenous Performance come to Leinster this week. We would like to thank the Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company for their Bilya Kaatijin Performance.

Car park

The carpark is being upgraded in the summer holidays. This will involve remarking of bays and a crosswalk.


RLSSWA will be sending up a qualified swimming instructor to assist with Swimming & Water Safety Education. Tiahn will be in Leinster from 6th December – 12th December 2020.

Tiahn will be facilitating swimming lessons that will include;

  • Infant Aquatics,
  • Swim & Survive,
  • Junior Lifeguard Club
  • Extended Bronze

Bronze Medallion Adults-Extended Bronze

Mon 7.12.20 1.5hrs

Fri 11.12.20- 1.5 hrs

Sat 12.12.20- 4 hours

Please follow the link to register.

Big picture

Year 6 Graduation

This will be held on Tuesday, 1st December at 6:00pm. Please ensure that you have paid if you are attending.

Student Leadership

The Leadership roles for 2021 have changed slightly. We have outlined what each role will entail so that the children are clear of expectations prior to their application. Please see the attached table.

New timetable

Next year there will be some slight changes to start and finish times.

8:10 am Doors open

8:20 am Morning instruction begins with fitness on the oval

10:50-11:10 am Recess

12:40-1:20 pm Lunch

2:30 pm Hometime

Let us know if not returning

Are you planning on moving next year? Please let me know so that I can plan for classes for 2021.

Christmas In The Park

This event will be from 4:00-7:30pm at Leinster Town Oval on Saturday, 28th November.

Please see the Flyer below.

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A SunSmart School has a sun protection policy and practices in place that aim to reduce over-exposure to UV. Cancer Council WA recommends implementing a sun protection policy when the UV levels are 3 or above.

The criteria to join the SunSmart Schools program are:

1. Most or all students wear sun protective hats (not peaked caps) year round, or when the UV Index is 3 and above. It is a requirement that hats are worn during term 2 and 3 when the UV is over 3.

2. Sunscreen is available throughout the school and its use encouraged.

3. Outdoor events are rescheduled to avoid peak UV times when possible.

4. Sun protection is encouraged through teacher and parent role modelling and classroom activities.

5. The school uniform/dress code includes sun protective items (e.g. shirts with collars, longer sleeves).

6. The school has a sun protection policy.

Students last day

The students' last day of term this year is Thursday 17 December 2020.

Art Auction

The Year 3/4 class have produced and auctioned a collaborative piece of art. They have successfully raised $120 for Zoos Victoria and Canteen Australia (for Teens with Cancer)

These are both eligible for the BHP Match Giving Program which will double the donation amount.

The winner of the raffle was the Lane Family! Congratulations!

Voluntary Contributions and Charges

Our goal for families paying contributions and charges was 90% for this year. So far 50% of families have paid. If you have not yet paid you will be invoiced again and receive a phone call from the school reminding you to pay prior to the end of the school year.

Can you please pay:

Name: Leinster Community School, Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 066040

Account: 19901770

Reference: Last name VC

Catastrophic Warnings and School Closures

Many parents and community members have been asking for clarification regarding school closures due to catastrophic conditions. I have sought to find out more information regarding categorisation and why some schools close and others do not. DFES are responsible for making the recommendations for a school to close. Catastrophic conditions are identified by a combination of wind, temperature, distance to bushland, and remoteness of school. My understanding is that procedures were reviewed after the loss of a whole school and town at Yarloop and also the fires at Yanchep. The decision to close is not made lightly and a school MUST follow the directive by both The Education Department and DFES. When the school is notified by the Regional Executive Director it is by email and text. Some families have requested formal documentation but unfortunately, there is not a lot more notification other than this. I understand the inconvenience to working families, however, decisions are made in the best interest of staff and students.The school continues to work closely with BHP on the amendments requested in the Bushfire Risk Assessment and Treatment Plan.

Local Schools Community Fund Grant

We received $17,000 from the Local Schools Community Fund Grant and we put the money towards ICT infrastructure, new classroom screens, and Surface Gos for year 3 and up. We are grateful for this contribution.


We have applied for a grant to fund a chaplain for 2021 at Leinster Community School. A Chaplain can assist with the social, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of students, families and staff in a school. Chaplains are trained to listen compassionately, refer to extra help where necessary and run programs which not only address issues but create positive cultures within schools.

Sexual Health Guest Speakers

We had two speakers from The WA Country Health Service come to speak to the students in year 6 to 12 about puberty, healthy relationships and protective behaviours. These are such important topics for our young people to arm them with information to make wise choices about their health and wellbeing and receive factual/ scientific information. All children will have exposure to these topics at some point in their childhood, but as a school we are here to educate our students and guide them into healthy decisions that keep them safe. The students responded well to the opportunity and were able to ask relevant questions in a safe and supportive environment free of judgement.

P & C Account

The P and C have a different bank account to the school. Their account is used to pay for

  • Uniforms
  • P&C Voluntary Contribution Fee ($20)
  • Discos and other fundraisers

Their account details are:

Leinster Primary School Parents and Citizens Association Inc

BSB 066-514


Use last name as reference

The school account is used to pay for:

  • Voluntary contribution fees and charges
  • Excursions and incursions

Kindy Assembly

Our Kindy's celebrated their first Assembly this week with their performance on shapes!