A Few Advices for Businesses

from a Commercial Printing Company

A Few Advices for Businesses from a Commercial Printing Company

Are you trying to crack the code behind business success through commercial printing?

Are you confused on what to focus on in your advertising campaign?

Do you consider print media to be a powerful reminder of your business to the public?

To answer all the questions above, what better way than to hire a printing company Los Angeles to do the job.

Here are a few advices from a commercial printing company:

What is HOT now?
1. Good Design
2. Few Colors
3. Black & White Photography
4. Galleries
5. Documentaries
6. Concise Messaging
7. Blending Digital and Traditional (forget Print Vs. Digital)
8. Expectation for Companies to be Environmentally Conscious

What is NOT hot?
a. Gridded Layouts
b. Collages
c. Design Templates
d. Social Media Icons Used in Print
e. QR Codes
f. Posed Stock Photography

Are you also worried about designing your commercial ad?

Not to worry because we exercise our years of experience and professional attitude to complete the job. We make use of:
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign

Do you know?
* 28 million business cards are printed every day in the United States.
* 96% of the news is read from a physical printed paper.
* 70% of the mails and ads are from recycled paper.
* The print industry is worth $640 billion, which makes it all the more important.

Why the need for a commercial printing company?
• 30% printer usage is for banners, posters etc.
• 28% is for coupons
• 44% is for fliers
• 78% is for business & visiting cards.

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