*Of Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, and Soy!

We'll Come To You! Let us take care of your wedding or event!

What we need:

Free!* Will be able to offer so many new opportunities to those with celiacs and other related conditions, however, we need some things to get started. Ingredients are obviously the most important in our baking, and as an alternative company we will use different, possibly less utilized resources. Our area is definitely a necessity, as well as ovens, industrial mixers, and different types of cooking supplies. A final need would be employees to aid in running the shop!

Cake, Cookies, and Biscuits, Oh My!

Here at Free!* we strive to offer the tastiest and most unique foods for the most restrictive of diets. If you cant find something you like, don't worry! We have recipe books available to copy or purchase in the back of the store. Also, you can special order what you need as long as its reasonable!
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Who Do We Help, and Why do We Need Help?

Simple, we help you! We employ students, part time or full time, and we will work with your schedule. However, our bakers do require a little more experience. Come help us help you! Lets bring new foodie opportunities into the Grand Rapids area, and maybe even further. Bring the community closer together through innovative recipes and healthy choices.