Ancient Rome&India Education

By: Lillian Davis

Ancient Rome

In ancient Rome only boys went to school. They believed that girls should stay home and clean the house. They also believed that every child was the same. So, if you got something wrong you would get a beaten. They also did not have teachers for a long time. So their parents taught them.
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Ancient India

In ancient India they used a system called the Gupta Empire. The Gupta Empire is the weirdest system of learning in the world. It is the weirdest because they students went to the teachers house and lived with them. They got payed so that they could give the kids the things they needed. They also used community buildings as schools as while.
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How they are alike to us today

Are schools are somewhat like theirs back then. One thing that is the same is in ancient India they used other systems than just the Gupta Empire like story telling, question and answer, and some other stuff. Then in ancient Rome they used other peoples system to teach. While we do they same thing like when other people come to our school to learn about our system to see if they can use it.
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How they are alike and diffrent

They are many differences and not a lot of similarities to these civilizations. One of the similarities is that usually only boys went to school for the longest time. Also the teachers pushed them but just in different ways. In ancient Rome they pushed them because they thought all the kids were the same. While in ancient India they knew that they had different ability's so they pushed them to there ability.
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