A baby, mom, and some old memories

By: Gabby C.


A babies memory starts to develope around the age of three. That means until that moment everythings a blur. Which makes it very hard to remember things from the glory days. When crawling around in a diaper, and eating Gerber baby food was the life. We connect our glory days throughs through one way, and one way only our parents. I now invite you to kick back and listen to how my mom talks about me as a baby.


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Gabby : Do you remember what was going thru your head when you first saw me?

Mom : Oh lots of things my goodness. Once you were born I was like oh my goodness because they were like it’s a girl and then the minute they handed you to me you were screaming, but as soon as they laid you on my chest and I said, Gabrielle you were like so silent you just looked at me it was such a great moment.

Gabby: What was I like as a baby?

Mom: Oh my gosh, well you were early at everything. Early walker, early talker, great sleeper, um, super smiley, never really cried very much; you were just a really good baby very content

Gabby: Do you remember what songs you use to sing to me?

Mom: Oh my gosh, well I’m sure there were many, I think the one I remember the most would be, You Are My Sunshine, and then I use to recite the poem, Babies Boats that famous poem that I use to recite to you all the time.

Gabby: What were my siblings like?

Mom: Well Connor was none when you were born so he was a lot older. Super excited, and oh my gosh he was so good with you. Liv wasn’t born for another three years, but when Liv was born you had a hard time at first. You really did not like another baby or another child taking me attention away, so that was a little challenging, but you took kind of took her under your wing as you got a little older, and as she got a little older too.

Gabby: If you could do it again would you raise me differently?

Mom: No, I would do the same things. Especially when you were little because structure is so important for babies. I was pretty religious about that and it payed off because you were really, a good baby.

Gabby: What advice would you give me about raising my own kids?

Mom: Always go with your gut, parenting is a very tough job but one of the most rewarding. Thats going to be exciting and that you work hard and be that doctor you wanna become some day, but most importantly your happy and a good citizen of the world.

Gabby: Are you proud of me?

Mom: Oh my gosh in so many ways, you have no idea. Dad and I are extremely proud of you, You are such a sweet girl. You are extremely self aware, academic, and loving your an individualist I love that you are your own person and you beat to your own drum.

Babies and Colic

Babies cry. Some cry a little, some a lot, but some cry so much and so often they created a medical name for all their crying colic.

Colic is very common in babies. Determining if your baby has colic can be kind of challenging but the big thing you need to watch for is for how long are they crying for a day? If your baby cries for more than three hours a day for three days out of the week for a consecutive three week period your baby could have colic. Where does colic come from and how do you get it?

The truth is there is no real known cause of colic just theories. Some include: a muscle spasm in the digestive system, acid reflux disease, or increased hormone production. Although there are more serious theories than others like immature nervous system or gas in the digestive system track most of the causes of colic will need to run their course.

To help treat babies colic the best option would be to talk to a pediatrician. They will probably mention ideas such as swaddling your baby, change formulas, or use white noise. All of these methods seem pretty reliable for your standard case of colic. However there is always that one baby that is immune to all of these suggestions that are non medication. Your doctor might after all of the initial suggestions are used, prescribe medications that are used to treat extra gas in the digestive system, or some other type of medication based on your child’s ongoing symptoms. However the biggest obstacle with colic is coping with it.

Those tireless night seem like a bottomless pit you can't escape, full of screaming right? Well it may seem like that but it’s is important to stay calm and not rip the hair out of your scalp and here is why. Keep reminding yourself there is an end to this iron man, eventually your baby will grow out of it but for now you have to keep trying. Another thing to remember is that you are not to blame for your babies suffrage, its not you whos making them cry. Lastly, let other people take care of the baby so you can get out and do stuff for yourself once and a while so you don’t go crazy. Speaking of crazy, here is when worrying about colic may be the right thing to do.

There is always that underlying panic when it comes to an infants health, so here is when you are allowed to worry and call your pediatrician about your babies colic. If your baby ever starts having other symptoms besides colic like a high fever or laziness. Also if your babies growth starts to grow to stunt you want to call your pediatrician immediately. However all of these things are very unlikely to happen. Another thing that comes with colic is stigma.

Most people think that babies with colic have a behavioral disorder or something wrong with them, but that is completely a load of malarkey. Colic has nothing to do with any behavioral, mental, or psycho phanatic disorder. Just remember colic in babies is very common and eventually they will outgrow it and who knows maybe the baby you are worried about whos been crying for the last ten minutes, and you're being a helicopter mom thinking somethings wrong with them; did you ever think they just might have a full diaper.

Babies and Music Could this be the future?

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you, and I love you more everyday.” My mom sang me this song all throughout her pregnancy and my younger years of life. Surprisingly now that I look back on it, its true, I do remember melodies and songs a lot quicker than my brother and sister. Now I know exactly why too. Babies who listen to music before they are born or during the early stages of life tend to be smarter and pick up on things quicker later on in life.

It is scientifically proven that when babies listen to music in the womb they come out smarter. When mothers play music while pregnant it helps the baby. The baby in the amniotic sack can pick up on sound waves that are happening in the world around them. That is why when a baby is born they can pick up on things that are familiar to them like their mothers voice or a song that was played frequently during the pregnancy. Later this can help them in the early stages of development because they can pick up on familiar sounds besides voices. Those sounds may be a car honking a dog barking or an alarm beeping.

Most parents in the world may think that this method is a little odd and how could this be proven. However it has been proven! A study was done where a bunch of pregnant mothers played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” five times a week for the last three months of pregnancy. Then four months later the babies were tested again using the same song. When the song played again, the level of ERP’s(Event-Related Potentials) in the babies brain where very strong when compared to a regular baby who had no exposure to music in the womb. Now if that doesn’t say something what does!

People may have their doubts about music in the womb and how it does not work. However, the scientific method tested in this scenario worked. Babies who listen to music in the womb pick up on sound waves quicker and that makes their learning speed quicker, and therefore makes them smarter. Out of all the options of making our kids smart; the tutors, the vitamins, the weird exercises, this by far the easiest. In your third trimester just pop on some kid friendly music and let your little Albert Einstein or Sally Ride soak up all the great knowledge that comes with the power of music.


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