Police Officer

By Javier Santos

What you need to know about becoming a police officer

What you need to know about becoming a police officer is that you have to do at least 2 years in college also 4 years in law and federal classes to join and the job out look has increased to 7%. Also some skills that are needed is that you have to have spirit and be adventurous. Also some risks that this job have is that it can affect your life you can put it risk but like they say its your funeral. this what you need to know about becoming a police officer.

Basic Information

Some basic information is that once you join you have to go to some basic training to learn how to work and respect others it takes a while but and gets frustrating. Also you need a valid drivers license to be able to drive a police car also an age requirements you must be at least 21 years or older. Also salary is like about fifty four thousands a year. Some disqualifiers are that your records must have a poor driving skills means like reckless driving or others use of drugs and poor credit history or other.

Career Connections

Many police officers think differently about their job. Some say that they are doing it for the people and some don't that they just want to do it for the money and some do it for both. Some career connections are that some police officers is that they do like to help out people also that some officers think that they would risks their life for others also that some police men do it for the intense of being in a hot pursuit. These are some career connections.

Course clubs/activities and related work experience

These are some activities or some related work experience social studies and law, English, modern languages now some clubs you can join join that work in helping people are class of 2015 and key club these clubs do community service hours.


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