Bull Dogs vs Wolfs

by David lane

bull dog and wolfs

Which is better dogs or wolfs? Can you tell by fact like there life and body parts , behavior , or how they live

The bull dogs head appears too big for it's body. There face has wrinkles and can have a multiplicative of different color types of fur.But the wolf has thick fur. Can be any shade black,brown,white ,or red. While a dog can live up to 10 years old a wolf can live from 13 to 14 years old.

Dogs live with us eating dog food. Wolfs hunt in packs finding food. Wolfs sleep in burrows . Dogs sleep in houses comfortly.This animals are complete oppisites

Dogs are loyal to there humans but when in trouble they defend with honer. This is why there is your best friend . Wolfs protect their young from other wolves or humans . They also either hurt humans because I think they will hurt or captured.

The answer to this question is both. There is no one better animal because they both are great animals.