Elsie Rogers Express

August 2018

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A Message From Mrs. Campbell


Currently the school building is empty... The halls are quiet... There are no phones ringing or bells sounding... No staff or children in sight... just ME! This is not the way I like it at all! I am counting down the days when everywhere I turn there are students and staff flooding Elsie Rogers. This is what energizes me! This is my jam, being surrounded by students and staff that are ready to rock and roll! As we begin school on August 22 (Kindergarten, August 23), I am certain that our days will be filled with fun, excitement and rigorous learning opportunities. The Elsie Rogers Staff is committed to helping your child succeed in his/her learning journey. I hope you as parents will continue to be part of P-H-M's triangle of success!

A Little Snipett.....

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Thank you PTO and Cassi Graber!

We are SUPER excited to show off our summer project on Back to School Night. Please make sure you stop by the cafeteria and check out our new mural! Cassi Graber is an absolute master artist. Her ability to take a vision and turn it into reality in the most beautiful way is just remarkable. I could not be more pleased with the outcome! I'd also like to give a BIG shout out to PTO for making this dream come true. I really think the students are going to be amazed at what they see!

Mark Your Calendars

Welcome back to school Elsie Rogers' families! Please mark your calendars for Monday, August 20. The building will be open from 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM for our parent information meetings & ice cream social. During this time teachers in grades 1-5 will hold two informational meetings in their classrooms for the up and coming school year. Please plan on attending one session per child so that you can hear first hand the expectations, goals, and dreams teachers have for your child(ren) this school year. Kindergarten teachers will be present; however Kindergarten Orientation will take place August 22, 9:00 AM.

Evening Schedule

5:00 - 5:30 - Mix and Mingle

5:30 - 6:00 Grades 1 & 2 Parent Information Session

6:00 - 6:30 Grades 1 & 2 AND Grades 3-5 Parent Information Session

6:30 - 7:00 Grades 3-5 Parent Information Session

7:00 - 7:30 Mix and Mingle & 5th Grade Camp Meeting

Attention Incoming 5th Grade Families

I’m sure you have all heard from your child about how excited they are to be Fifth Graders this year - especially with the upcoming overnight field trip to Camp Friedenswald as part of their environmental education program.

There have been some changes to our scheduling for the upcoming school year, and we wanted to make sure you were all aware so that you are able to plan ahead.

Our Camp Friedenswald camping trip dates will be September 20-21, 2018. We will be looking for parent chaperones to be with the students at camp those two days, including overnight. If you would be interested in being a chaperone, please start looking at your calendar.

We are in the early planning stages for camp, but wanted to also let parents know that the cost per student to attend camp will most likely be $35.00. This amount will be confirmed in August, when we return to school.

Please plan to attend an informational meeting regarding camp on Monday, August 20th at 7:30pm in the school’s ELA. This short meeting will start immediately following the Back to School Open House & Ice Cream Social that same evening. Permission slips for camp will be distributed at that time, along with instructions for medications and the two day schedule.

First Day of School and Kindergarten Orientation

Wednesday, August 22 is the first day of classes for students in grades 1-5. It is a FULL day of school. Students should either bring a lunch from home or have money to deposit into their lunch accounts. When children arrive they will report directly to their homeroom classroom. If you are not able to attend the Parent Information Night on Monday, August 20 to learn of your child’s homeroom class we will have adults readily available to assist your child! School begins promptly at 8:40 am. Students will be dismissed at 3:05 pm.

Kindergarten students and parents are invited to an orientation on Wednesday, August 22 beginning at 9:00 am. During this orientation students will participate in some fun classroom activities while parents learn the ins and outs of Kindergarten.

The first full day of school for Kindergarten students will be Thursday, August 23.

Kindergarten Immunizations 2018-19


  • 3 doses Hepatitis B

  • 5 doses DTaP/DTP/DT

  • 4 doses Polio

  • 2 doses MMR

  • 2 doses Varicella

  • 2 doses Hepatitis A

Your student's up-to-date immunization records are due on the first day of school, Thursday, August 23. Click here for more information.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Each morning buses begin to arrive at approximately 8:15 am. They will pull up to the front curb in no specific order. Students who arrive on the earliest buses must remain seated on the bus until they are greeted by staff members. Students who will be eating breakfast will be allowed to enter the building at 8:20 am.

If your child is a car rider, please do not drop them off before 8:25 unless they are eating breakfast. Staff members will greet students at the end of the front sidewalk upon arrival. All students should exit their vehicles on the right side. In the event that your child arrives after 8:40 am, parents MUST park in the visitor’s lot and escort their child inside the building to the front office and sign him/her in for late arrival.

If your child is a walker, he/she must have a current permission slip on file in the office. Walkers should not arrive before 8:25 am.

Students riding the buses are dismissed at 3:05 pm. Students who are car riders and walkers must wait inside the school until the buses have left before they can exit the building. This is done for safety reasons. Parents arriving to pick up their child, should, upon entering the school property, make an immediate right turn into the staff parking lot, north of the building. Proceed through the lot to the back exit and then form a line along the driveway. Once buses are gone we will ask that the line pull all the way up to the staff member on duty at the front of the school. Please make sure your cell phones are turned off and remain in your car. We will bring your child(ren) to you. Please check out the additional information regarding dismissal procedures in your Back-To- School envelope.

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2018-19 Teaching Staff

Amy Kidney - Kindergarten

Ali Minegar - Kindergarten

Kara Front - 1st Grade

Natalie Hapke - 1st Grade

Dana Latham - 2nd Grade

Krystle Mauro - 2nd Grade

Hollie Truckowski - 2nd Grade

Kathy Martinczak - 3rd Grade

Carlye Ponsler - 3rd Grade

Alison Noakes - 4th Grade

Morgan Wright - 4th Grade

Madelyn Albright - 5th Grade

Rachael Givens - 5th Grade

Garry Dobson - Resource

Erin Elliott - Music

Joy Johnson - Reading Specialist

Kris Watson - PE

2018-19, One School, One Book... What Could it Be???

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Share a Family Photo

We are looking to update our foyer with Elsie Rogers' family pictures! Please take a moment and find a photograph to share that represents your child's immediate family to share with us. Please place your child's name on the back and bring it to school by September 2. (We will return it at the end of the school year!) We are excited to spotlight our wonderful families!

Just a reminder - the Consent to Publish (photographing of your children) form that needs to be signed is in the student planner. That means as parents you need to sign BOTH sides of the page - once for the handbook and once for the Consent to Publish. Please make sure you do this promptly and return it to your child's homeroom teacher. We love taking photos of your peeps and sharing!!

School Messenger - Is your information Current?

Penn-Harris-Madison utilizes the School Messenger® alert notification service to distribute emergency messages, such as school closings, delays and student attendance (for unexcused absences).

We will use the home, cell and email address provided on this form. The “Primary” number will be called first in the event of an emergency, such as a school closing/delay. The “Primary” number can be a cell phone. Please also provide an email address, making sure it is current and correct. If at any point during the school year your contact information should change, it is your responsibility to notify your child’s school as soon as possible.

Parents & guardians can set the preferences of how you want to receive these important notifications using the School Messenger parent portal, InfoCenter. You must have an email address on file with the school in order to manage your SchoolMessenger preferences online. Visit www.phmschools.org/parents/schoolmessenger for information on how to create your account and set up your preferences.

School Lunches

An important part of every student's day is lunch! Below are the times in which Elsie Rogers students will eat:

K/1: 10:55 - 11:25

2/3: 11:35 - 12:00

4/5: 12:10 - 12:35

We certainly encourage student guests for lunch throughout the school year; however, we do ask that you refrain from having lunch with your child until routines and school comfort levels are established. We welcome all guests beginning in October! Meal prices have stayed the same for the 2018-19 school year:

Student Breakfast - $1.10

Reduced price of $.30 for those who are eligible.

Student Lunch - $1.90

Reduced price of $.40 for those who are eligible

Adult Lunch - $3.40

Please be mindful that the student cafeteria can not accept debit/credit cards or bills larger than $10.00. Below are two links to guide you with payment options:



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