The Scorch Trials

Poster By: Zachary Lauri Book By: James Dashner-Dystopian

The maze was just the beginning.

Thomas and the Gladers have just escaped the maze and were sent to an unknown base in the Scorch. What they didn't know was when they would escape the base that people that were infected by the flare would eventually find them. The flare is an infection the sun gave to people that were not immune to it. Not all of the kids that WICKED tested on are all immune to the flare infection. Some of the kids can be infected.

Summary Of The Book:

In the The Scorch Trials, Thomas, Newt, Fry pan, Teresa, Winston, Jorge, Brenda, Aris, etc. all go into the scorch. The scorch is basically what the world is after the sun has scorched the world or burned it. All the buildings are burned or torn apart. The whole story is about trying to find a cure to the flare infection. The flare infection also first hits the brain then the body. WICKED tells parents and kids that they're trying to find a cure. They really are trying to find a cure but, they will do anything that is necessary to find that cure. Even if they have to sacrifice lives. Eva Paige is the one in charge of WICKED. In The Maze Runner WICKED convinces that everyone died that were in the lab in the maze wall. Then, they Eva Paige said "Time for stage 2" which is the Scorch Trails.

Opinion & Recommendation

My opinion of the book The Scorch Trials is that it was very interesting but also confusing at the same time. There's also a lot of action and interesting parts in the book and in the movie. I would recommend this book to people who like to read or watch Dystopian, also for people who like action, adventure, and mystery.