Location Scout

by Sabrina Herrera

why is this career interesting to you?

I chose this film career because I have always been curious about where they find places to film movies.I just figured I should look into and find out more information on it.

What activities this person performs?

The primary duty of a location scout is find a environment best suited for a particular scene,or the entire movie,TV show or commercial.

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What trade schools/colleges can I attend to pursue this career?

Location Scout is not considered a high-technology part of the film industry. Education requirements are not as strict as most careers in film. However,many location scouts attend film school and have a general knowledge of the film industry and the production process.

What is the salary range for this job?

The average national salary for a location scout is $25,000- $65,000.
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This is a location from the film Jurassic World.The movie was filmed mainly on Oahu and Kauai.

Who is their boss?

The location manger reports to the Producer,Director,and Production Designer.
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