Life of addiction to Television

By Erika Fortune

Hidden Addictions

People struggle from addiction each and every day. Addiction is normally associated with drugs and alcohol, but what people do not realize is that addiction is all around you. You could be currently struggling from addiction without even knowing. Biting your nails is an addiction, exercising can be an addiction, and most of course the biggest unknown addiction, watching television.

Is there such a thing as a TV addictions?

You can become addicted to just about everything. A television addiction is a behavioral addiction. You are not addicted to a substance like a drug or alcohol, but you are addicted to the process of the television. We are loosing our social life, certain relationships, even having family members complain about the amount of television we watch each day can be the first signs that you are suffering from a television addiction.

How to get over come a television addiction:

1. Monitor and Track How Much Time You Spend Watching Television

2. Develop a Sense of Purpose and Mission for Your Life

3. Realize That Television is Stealing Your Life

4. Find Alternatives to Watching Television

5. Exercise Consistently

Who is addicted?

  1. Every owner of a television or smartphone is addicted. According to the A.C. Nielsen Co., the average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day (or 28 hours/week, or 2 months of nonstopTV-watching per year).

How does one become addicted?

In a 1990 study, it was determined that there are 3 types of television use. These types of television watching included:

Dysphoric Mood - watching television to distract oneself from unpleasant moods and feelings.

Filling Time - watching television because the person is bored and there's nothing else around to capture their attention.

Divided Attention - having the television on while doing other things.

Television addiction test

Do you feel as though Television watching takes up much of the your time?

Do you watche television longer or more frequently than intended?

Do you experience withdrawl - important social, work, or family activities in order to watch television?

Do you have"withdrawal-like" symptoms of discomfort when you are deprived of you television?

What Are Some Effects Of Television Addiction?

  • Makes you forget about reality
  • Television can induce guilt
  • Studies have shown that watching TV for long periods of time leads to depression.