Local News Update

The Draving's All-Stars

Off and Running

This fits our classroom in a variety of ways. The fun run yesterday was a huge success! Thank you to all who helped, from volunteering, to cheering us on, to making a donation. The children had a great time! I apologize that I did not get a chance to personally visit with each of you who were there, but know it was appreciated!

We are also off and running in the classroom as we are adjusting to a daily routine, meeting expectations, and realizing that 3rd grade is much like moving up to the big leagues. Play time is not a daily occurrence, and each student is expected to participate and share their thoughts and ideas. It has been a joy to watch them rise to the occasion!

Ooops Notes

In an effort to help build responsibility in our 3rd graders, you may, on occasion, see a 1/2 sheet "Ooops Note" come home in your child's daily folder. This is to let you know that your child was missing an important element of their day. It might be their name shirt, gym shoes, a snack, library book, etc. Please help them correct the mistake and develop a plan to prevent a occurrence.

Late Starts

This year we will continue the practice of Late Start days to allow for staff professional development. On these days school will begin 50 minutes later than usual, and buses will pick up approximately 50 minutes later than their usual pick up time. The first few late start days are as follows (all on Wednesdays) Sept. 30, October 14, 28, November 11. School will begin at 9:20

Halloween Party

Our Halloween party will be here before we know it. I am looking for a parent or 2 that would like to plan and organize the party this year. We don't have a great deal of time for the party as dressing/undressing and the parade takes about half of our party time. If you are interested, please send me an email. I am sure there are lots of parents that will donate items and help the day of the event. Thanks so much!

Curriculum Updates

Math: We are reviewing basic facts and looking at place value as a beginning to our study of 3 and four digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. Practicing those basic facts with flash cards will go a long way to preparing them for multiplication that will be coming soon!

Writing: We are beginning to write our first stories, Personal Narratives ~ true stories about a small moment in our life. Please support your child by talking to them about the things their memories.

Reading: We are setting reading goals and looking at our reading habits. Children should be reading for 30 minutes each day at home as well as the time spent reading at school. A key element of reading in 3rd grade is the ability to retell the important events of the story in order, naming the characters and their behaviors. Please spend time talking with your child about the books they are reading.

Social Studies: We have begun our year long study of the state of Michigan, beginning with the exploration of Michigan's geography. We will be looking at all of the resources that Michigan has to offer. This unit will wrap up with the creation of a Michigan calendar and students will be recording their own "Pure Michigan" ads.

Please feel free to contact me at any time!