Evelyn Galvan

All About Me

Get To Know Me Better

  • Name: Evelyn Galvan
  • Age:17
  • Birthday: May 20
  • Where was I born? In Irving, Tx

Who's My Family?

My family and I love to travel to Mexico we enjoy long trips because we always joke around and we like to laugh. Usually I'm the one that makes them laugh

Do I have pets?

I used to have a dog but he died last September, I miss him so much he was my true friend.
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My hobbies?

I like acting and singing

My plans after high school?

After I graduate I'm between choosing to be an Interior designer or a veterinarian

My favorite thing to do when I'm not at school?

I enjoy going to the park and listen to the nature.

Favorite colors!

Gold, Black, Pink, White

My favorite place to eat?

Chinese restaurants