By: Josue Landa

Libertarian for the win.

We believe that everyone deserves economic liberty and that the government should only step in to provide a framework, deal with disputes, and protect property rights. We also believe that there should be no military action unless we're attached. Another thing is that no individual rights shall be impeded by the government and individuals have to accept responsibility for any choices made.

Social issues (same-sex marriage)

Libertarians greatly support LGBTs rights. We believe that who or what a person loves is an individual right, and like we said before all individual rights should be granted to everyone.

Economic Issues (taxation)

We also believe that income taxes and IRS should be abolished and removed. Get money by cutting spending not raising taxes. We also believe that free-market health care should be ones decision to make. That person may also choose with who they want there health care with and what level they want.

Environment (climate change)

Climate change is real but as long as factories and businesses do not make it a global issue and does not cause too much harm, let them be. The government is also responsible for the damage they cause.
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In the 1990s several state libertarian parties adopted the Liberty Penguin as their official mascot. You can see the penguin in the picture above. Another mascot is the Libertarian porcupine, this was originally designed by Kevin Breen in March 2006.