Brennen Media Center Newsletter

Read Around the Planet Video Conferences

Emily Lindsay and Rosalyn Cole have been signed up to participate in video conferencing with other students at other schools in other states as a part of the Read Around the Planet program. Their classes will be paired with other similar classes and they will "show off" what they know to other students!

Upcoming Video Conference between Brennen and other schools!

Ms. Cox's 3rd grade class will participate in a video conference with another 3rd grade class at Rosewood Elementary School here in Columbia on January 29!

Ms. Kramer's class will participate in a video conference with a class from Meadowfield Elementary!


We have another 10 iPads ready for checkout! If you have any iPads checked out, please remember to return your iPads by 2:30 on Friday. Exceptions: Reading Teachers who must use them for AIMS Web testing and Ms. Myers.

That means we now should have 66 available for daily use!


If you have a problem with the iPad you have, please put a sticky note on it telling us what the problem is. Sometimes I can solve the problem without having to put in a ticket!!!

The plastic covering the glass is getting pretty dirty...imagine that!...after lots of use. If you use a piece of microfiber cloth (you get it to clean your glasses), you can wipe smudges off pretty easily.

You may use a Clorox wipe, but you must be really careful, since it can leave an awful residue behind.

We are all learning...or at least I am.....


The video conference that was held between Mrs. Langley's kindergarten and NASA was phenomenal. She did a fantastic job of preparing her students (kindergarteners!) before the VC and even had a creative followup the next day!


Mrs. Littlejohn's classes had a video conference with students at Caughman Road. Mrs. Rawl's classes and Mrs. Carraway's classes participated as well. It was all about science!