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K12 Strong Start

We're committed to helping newly enrolled families start strong and thrive throughout the school year. We know what an important decision your child's schooling is, and we're thrilled that you chose Omaha Virtual School!

Starting at a new school can involve big changes, for both you and your student. It takes time to adapt, and there may be challenges, especially in the beginning. As we've done for countless other families, we're here to help ensure a smooth transition for your family. We'll work alongside your school to provide the support you need to be successful—all year long.

Joining a K12-powered school gives you access to a national network of resources and to a vibrant school community. One great resource is K12's National Learning Coach University, which offers sessions and videos that provide tips and strategies for new families. Your K12-powered school will also provide orientation sessions and events.

So ask lots of questions and take advantage of the ongoing support available to you through your school, K12, and the community of K12 families. Remember, you're not alone.

Additional information will be provided closer to the start of school. You'll also find it helpful to view these short videos:

Transitioning to a K12 Powered School


Schedules and Routines


Creating an Effective Learning Environment


Creating an Effective Learning Environment

Part of enrolling in a virtual school is creating a space for the student to complete school work in. Being at home can pose lots of challenges to having an effective space for learning. Here are some tips to creating the best environment:
  1. Dedicate a space: Create a work station for all of your student's school materials. Space helps set the tone for a student to get into the mood to complete school work. When they know where their designated space to work at is, they have a better chance of being successful in finding and utilizing all of their materials.
  2. Maximize distraction: Limit the noise and distractions surrounding your student when it is time to work. Turn off the television and radio to limit sound. If you have multiple students at home, enforce quiet periods throughout the day to ensure all learners have an opportunity to work on school work with limited distractions.
  3. Organize the area: Keep things organized and easily accessible to finding books and other necessary supplies. It is important to have items where they can be found to ensure students have the ability to begin work right away rather than wasting time looking for materials.
  4. Create calendars, schedules and to do list: Organize your day by following the pacing guide to create a liust of lessons or tasks to accomplish. Creating a list will make the work load seem less overwhelming plus you will feel accomplished by crossing things off!!

Core Values: Positivity

Our 2nd core value we will explore is Positivity. What does that look like at OVS? Positivity aligns with Growth Mindset. When we are struggling to get through and overcome, we will keep a positive mindset to know we will overcome the challenge. The student understands they can do something rather than they can't. It is coming to the Learning Center each week with a smile on your face and ready to learn!

A negative attitude can stunt the students ability to learn and grow as they are learning how to navigate the virtual school environment. Our negative mindset can get in the way of our ability to move forward in our learning. With a positive attitude can also create a welcoming environment for all families. Our program can be a difficult transition into the virtual learning environment. Families are not alone in their experience and we are able to help provide supports for everyone. Our motto is WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!

Upcoming Orientation Schedule

K-10th Grade

A PARENT ONLY orientation will be held August 1-7th for NEW and RETURNING families of kindergarten-10th grade students. During the parent orientation session, staff will review updated policies and procedures in our student hand book. We have enhanced our procedures for the upcoming school year, so it is important that all families attend. Please sign up HERE for the session you are planning to attend.

First Week of School

Wednesday, August 15th, from 8:30-12:30 - first day of school for OVS High

Learners and learning coaches will attend the first day of school together, from 8:30-12:00 with a school-wide picnic at noon, so pack your lunches! Learning coaches, come prepared with your own device, if you have one. Devices will be distributed to learners on this day.

Thursday, August 16th, from 8:30-12:30- Only NEW OVS High students

This is to ensure that students are comfortable with the curriculum and content. Learning coaches can drop in from 8:30-9:30 for additional support and to answer questions/concerns.

Friday, August 17th- Online class sessions

This will be an opportunity for learners to test the online learning system from HOME.

The schedule will be shared with learners on the first day of school.

The regular scheduled class sessions will begin the next week with Tuesday and Thursday sessions occurring on Tuesday, August 21st and Thursday, August 23rd from 8:30-12:30pm.

Omaha Virtual School

Mission: OVS is committed to empowering life-long learners by developing collaborative relationships. Within our community, we provide an innovative, personalized learning experience. Success in this mission will cultivate critical thinkers who have the tools to contribute to a changing global society.

Vision: Future ready, today.

Core Values: Growth Mindset, Positivity, Collaboration, Integrity, Accountability, Self-Advocacy