Paul Bunyan

by: Julia Tracy, 1st period

Summary of "The Birth of Paul Bunyan"

The Birth of Paul Bunyan is one of the many Paul Bunyan stories about Paul Bunyan. This story explains how gigantic Paul was even when he was first born and talks about how his parents can barely control him. After a while of Paul destroying every thing because of his size his parents decide to move far away out of the city.

Three Facts About Paul Bunyan

  • Paul Bunyan is a hug strong lumber jacker
  • He is often described wearing a red and black plaid shirt
  • Paul is often described creating famous landmarks by doing simple things for example he created the grand canyon by dragging an axe behind him

some common Paul Bunyan pictures

How it is a folktale

Paul Bunyan stories used to be passed down orally until someone wrote them down. The story also uses magic because of Paul's size.