UGirl Dreams


My UGirl Journey

My name is Kasie and my life changed when Bri asked me to help her with her UGirl petition. Bri was the first girl to ask me to help her with UGirl and when I got to see her up on stage in Boston on March 7, 2014 living her dream that's when I knew my journey was about to begin. I tried for UGirl when Austin came to Boston on August 17, 2014 and unfortunately my dream didn't come true that night but I haven't given up yet and I don't intend to. Bri has inspired to never give up on my dreams and to help others try to live their dreams as well. My UGirl hashtags are #Kasie4UGirl and #KasieForBostonUGirl and I would appreciate it if you would tweet them to Austin's management because my dream is to be up on that stage with Austin living my dream I have follows from Austin, Aunt Lisa, Grandad, Mama and TC.