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By Juliet Parrott-Merrell (Issue #1)

This Week - Be My Cute & Funny Valentine!

Lasso a little Valentine's Day love with Milo The Fantastic & Fabulous Blue Cat in this week's featured cartoon. Plus, share or shop cute & funny ready made and customizable Valentine's Day cards & gifts for kids & adults (classroom valentines included). And, Check out this week's most popular gifts currently for sale in my Zazzle shop.

Lasso Some Love With Milo!

Lasso some Valentine's Day love with Milo The Fantastic & Fabulous Blue Cat! This cute cartoon is a sweet addition to any kid or nursery space, and is available as an art print, photo print, stickers & more in my Redbubble Shop. Visit blog post for more details.

Share Or Shop Cute & Funny Valentine Cards & Gifts

Share or shop cute & funny ready made & customizable Valentine cards for kids & adults! They're all top ten's, so the posts are short. Visit the links below for more details.

From My Zazzle Shop

Need a sweet, fun, unique and quirky finds for a kid, nursery or lady boss space? Consider something from my Zazzle shop - ideal for kids, kids and heart, and hearts in need or cheer. This week - Valentine Cards!

If you'd like to support my efforts without purchasing any art or gifts, consider buying me a coffee instead. All donations made thru Paypal.

About Juliet Parrott-Merrell!

Juliet spends most of her time these days working as an artist & affiliate marketer for She draws Milo The Fantastic & Fabulous Blue Cat and other cute cartoons, and also creates motivational text-based designs as well. In her spare time, Juliet enjoys watching Youtube videos and classic TV, and spending time with her husband Paul.


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