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Make Crunch Time A Little Less Crunchy

Testing Season is Upon Us

As we approach the testing season, we know that teachers, students, and administrators will feel their stress level surge. It is important to have practices and activities in place to counter the rise in stress. Research tells us that while some stress can be motivational, too much stress can have a negative impact on our overall well- being and our brain functioning.

We created this "Special Edition" of our newsletter to share a few ideas that can be incorporated into the classroom to help calm students and promote a positive mindset before testing. Additionally, there are tips that will benefit teachers and administrators.

We also wanted to share this great article on SEL and testing: Using Social-Emotional Learning to Prepare Learners for High Stakes Tests

Best of luck!


Circle Topics and Activities

What is something that was once hard for you, but is easy now?

Something I have achieved recently is ______________.

Positive Self-Talk: Give each student a sticky note and have them write a positive statement to themselves before testing. Give examples: I will do my best. I embrace new challenges. Learning is my superpower. I strive to do my best.
(Adapt for lower grades: Pick a few phrases to practice saying together as a group.)

Breathing Exercises


Stretching Activity



Circle Topics and Activities

Share a recent accomplishment (at home or school).

What is something that you achieved, but failed at the first time you tried?

Share a quote or phrase you use to stay motivated.

Teacher: Pick a short inspirational biography (here are some ideas) to share with students. Then process out the traits and effort that was needed to achieve the accomplishment.

Breathing Exercise


Stretching Activity


Bonus! Administrator Resource

Parent Connection

Article from Parent Toolkit:

Testing Time: Ways to Support Your Student

It’s officially spring. While that may mean warmer temperatures and flower buds, in many places across the country, it also means testing season. Many students are taking standardized tests at this time of year and some can feel overwhelmed by the hours-long exams. As a parent, you can help your student handle this stressful time. We talked to TODAY Show contributor and educational psychologist Dr. Michele Borba for tips you can do at home to support your student.

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