We will help ALL students reach their social, emotional, and academic potential.



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A Message From Mr. Zotos...

Dear Sequoyah Family...

The foundation for creating Sequoyah’s environment and culture is our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Students are systematically provided instruction on our school-wide behavior expectations called the Thunderbird Three: Safety, Respect, and Responsibility. We place the focus on helping students understand what the Thunderbird Three “looks-like” throughout their school day in key locations, such as, classrooms, cafeteria, hallway, playground, bus, and bathroom. Our staff works to teach, model, rehearse, reinforce, and praise students for appropriate behaviors. In other words, we recognize students with the correct behaviors to create a positive Sequoyah Thunderbird environment and culture. We know that when good behavior and teaching come together, our students excel in their learning as well.

We continue with our Thunderbird Three tickets that students earn for displaying the Thunderbird Three behaviors. Students redeem their hard-earned tickets every 6-8 weeks for various exciting “prizes”. The staff also created a student recognition program called the Thunderbird Three Heroes. This program recognizes students who are role models for other students, make positive contributions to the school and consistently follow the Thunderbird Three. The list of Thunderbird Three Heroes is published in the bi-monthly newsletter and students’ pictures and biographies are displayed on a highly visible bulletin board seen as you enter the school. Students are also given a Thunderbird Three Heroes t-shirt and certificate.

Success in school is not just about reading, writing, and math. It is also about knowing how to learn and get along with others. We use the Second Step program in your child’s classroom to teach skills that develop their problem-solving and leadership skills. Mr. Murphy, our school social worker, facilitates weekly lessons with all students using the Second Step program as a resource to teach skills in the following four areas: 1. Skills for Learning: Students gain skills to help themselves learn, including how to focus their attention, listen carefully, self-talk to stay on task, and be assertive when asking for help with schoolwork. 2. Empathy: Students learn to identify and understand their own and others’ feelings. Students also learn how to take another perspective and how to show compassion. 3. Emotion Management: Students learn specific skills for calming down when experiencing strong feelings, such as anxiety or anger. 4. Problem Solving: Students learn a process for solving problems with others in a positive way.

Your loving child(ren) will be learning so much this school year and they will need your help, support, and guidance. Throughout the year, the kids will be bringing home a resource called Home Links that add excitement to several of the Second Step lessons. Home Links are simple, fun activities for you and your child to complete together. The information is a great way for you to understand what your child is learning and display some of their skills as well.

Thank you for always supporting our staff and beautiful little Thunderbirds in learning the skills that lead to success in school and life. All these initiatives reinforce and enhance our vision for Sequoyah Elementary: We will help ALL students reach their social, emotional, and academic potential.

Have a wonderful and restful break...Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy, Happy, Happy New Year...a new year full of health, love, and many blessings. See you in 2022!!!

Love and Hugs,

Ted Zotos


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IMPORTANT EVENTS...see bolded items below for additions/changes every Monday after 5PM, so please check back weekly!

  1. Sequoyah Building Substitute Teachers 'STILL' Needed: We are in desperate and critical need of a building substitute teacher or two to assist with relieving our Sequoyah teachers from subbing on their much needed daily prep times. Each teacher has subbed for their absent colleagues from 5-11 times and it's only December. You primarily would work at Sequoyah and the daily rate of pay varies based upon your education. Perhaps you can only work 2-3 days per week, that's OK! Sequoyah parents, if you're interested contact Mr. Zotos @ or 586-723-7002 (direct line). Qualifications are listed below...EDUStaff (employment company for Chippewa Valley substitute teachers) accepts any of the following educational documents:

  • Official Transcripts with a total of 60 credit hours and a minimum 2.0 GPA from regionally accredited colleges/universities
  • Temporary Teaching Authorization
  • Current Michigan Teaching Certificate
  • Expired Michigan Teaching Certificate
  • Out of State Teaching Certificate accompanied by an official undergraduate transcript from a two or four-year accredited college/university showing 60 credit hours and a minimum 2.0 GPA

  1. Sample COVID Protocol (look below): Free COVID testing is done @ CVHS-9th Grade Center. Using the Chippewa Valley site helps with "recordkeeping" of COVID test results instead of taking a picture of the home test and sending to Mr. Zotos and Ms. Allen, district nurse.
  2. Parking Lot Help: Please be extremely careful when parking and backing up your vehicle. This past week, students were almost hit as parents were backing up. Ms. Theresa (crossing guard) is back during the winter months helping. Please park and walk your child(ren) past the front sidewalk or use the middle area near the 4 cones and directly adjacent/next to that "lane" for a "safe" drop-off (not preferred, but safer).
  3. Science Olympiad/SO Team: The team will be coached by Mrs. Flemming (year six and still going strong). SO tryouts and team information will be distributed in January, stay tuned. The SO team is comprised of 17 students (4th & 5th graders) and the competition is Saturday, May 14 @ Macomb Community College in Warren (NO district competition this year) . Students are eligible to be members of BOTH Lego Robotics and Science Olympiad teams!

  4. Sequoyah Calendar (look below): Don't forget to review weekly for exciting and breaking news!

  5. Arrival/Dismissal: Same doors and procedure as last year...K (door 15)...1st...(door 16)...3rd (door 17)...2nd/4th/5th (door 1...three separate doors at main entrance by flagpole). Students in grades 2-5 will walk into school at their designated doors above. Remember, parents will not be allowed in the building so please review where your child will enter/exit school.

  6. Drinking Fountains: Only the filling station will be operational at this time. The drinking portion/part is still closed so bring those water bottles for proper hydration.

  7. Volunteers: None at this time, we will re-evaluate in January 2022...VERY sorry :(

  8. Supply Sharing: Limit sharing like last year by encouraging individual supplies.

  9. B-Day Treats: Back and agreed upon by grade level.
  10. Thunderbird 3 Heroes (announced monthly) & Thunderbird 3 Tickets & Ticket Store (redeem every 6-8 weeks)...prize cart will deliver the prizes to the pods so the students can choose.

  11. Playground/Recess: No zones at this time but teachers will be mindful of their students and playmates. We will not overcrowd the playground with more than 5 classes at a time. Three designated recess times will be provided daily for each classroom along with their weekly PE/gym class fun.

  12. Seating Charts/Groups (contact tracing/quarantines continue): Needed for classrooms, specials (art, music, science, and PE), and cafeteria. Maximize our space and try to keep students at least 3 feet apart when possible. Classroom teachers will let their specials colleagues and Ms. Stacie know (cafeteria) when changes are made. When the classroom seating changes, specials and cafeteria do as well.

  13. Masks: Chippewa Valley Schools are strongly encouraging staff to wear or wear masks "most" of the time. Optional for students to wear masks at school but mandatory for ALL on buses.

  14. Snack Time: Designated time or allow eating all day (agreed upon as a grade level).

  15. Specials (art, music, science, and PE): Rotate daily like in years past.

  16. Cubbies: Use like before but try to limit crowding in the cubby area.

  17. Supply/T-Shirt/Party Money (Voluntary Donation): Decided as a grade level team ($20-$30 max). All money collected via PaySchools.

  18. Field Trips: Virtual at this time and money is collected using PaySchools.

  19. Cleaning/Sanitizing: Occurs throughout the day in all locations.

  20. Visitors/Late Arrivals/Early Dismissals: Parents will use outside buzzer (door 1) when bringing students in late. Parents will sign in the student on the table located between the two sets of doors. Parents will not enter past the vestibule doors, just the student. Parents will use the outside buzzer when signing students out early. Proof of identification will be shown to the camera outside and then you will be buzzed in to sign your student out. Parents will wait between the two sets of doors in the vestibule area, sign the student out, show proof of identification through the window, then the student will be brought to the door. Forgotten lunches, materials, etc…A bin will also be placed between the two sets of doors; parents can label and drop off items in the bin for delivery to your sweet Thunderbird.

Sequoyah Calendar

Updated weekly and subject to change...

Thunderbird Three Heroes October 2021

Throughout the year, we place emphasis on teaching our behavior expectations or in student friendly terms, the Sequoyah Thunderbird Three: Safety, Respect, and Responsibility. We have created a recognition program called the Thunderbird Three Heroes, to celebrate students who are making or displaying an exceptional effort in following the Thunderbird Three. Our staff members have selected these students to receive this honor for consistently following the Thunderbird Three and serving as role models for other students. Congrats to our October 2021 Thunderbird Three Heroes!

Thunderbird Three Heroes November 2021

Student Council News

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A message from Ms. Scharf, Student Council Advisor:

Our student council (made up of 3-5 grade students) sponsored a food drive which began on December 6 and ended on December 9. We collected boxed food and canned food items for the Macomb County Food Bank. This is the first time that we have donated to the Macomb County Food Bank. Our community was very generous in their donations. We truly have an amazing community. We collected over 900 canned and boxed food items.

Thank you to Ms. Scarf and our student council for all of their hard work putting this together!

Morley Candy Golden Ticket and Money Machine Winners

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Sample COVID Protocol-beginning November 8, 2021


We have been notified that your student_______ lives in a household with a person that has been diagnosed with Covid-19. Because of this, your child is required to stay home in quarantine. Your child should not be in close contact of the positive person. If your student develops symptoms or receives a positive test, please contact me immediately at the email address below.

There are four options to get your student back to school:

Quarantine the full 10 days 11/12-11/22 and return to school 11/23.


Test on 11/17 or after and return to school 11/22. This test can be either a PCR test or an antigen rapid test.


Test daily to attend school daily using our free service located at Chippewa Valley 9th Grade Center in Lab Room 22. Please enter the 2nd set of exterior doors to the right of the main entrance (door 36). The hours of testing are Monday-Friday 2:30-7:30 p.m. and Sundays 10 a.m.-6 p.m. No appointment is needed. Testing will need to occur daily for 7 days; testing will take place the day before allowing your student to attend the next school day. The last day of testing will need to take place on 11/21.


Test daily at home for 7 days (look above) and send a picture of the results with the name of the student, date, and results to the district nurse (name below) and school principal (Ted Zotos

Please contact and notify your student’s school to let them know which option you will be choosing. If you chose to daily test, they will give you further directions and details if needed.

Please contact your school office for information about schoolwork from home.

Please see below regarding quarantine guidance vs. isolation while you are at home.

If you have any specific questions regarding symptoms, etc. please reach out by phone or by email.

Stay Well,

Melissa Allen, RN (

Covid District Nurse

Chippewa Valley Schools


FREE breakfast and lunch for ALL Chippewa Valley Students!!!

Thanks to a program extension from the USDA, Chippewa Valley Schools will now feed all children 18 years and younger for FREE through the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

Distribution will not take place during holiday breaks.

To see if your family qualifies for additional benefits,

please fill out a free/reduced application at

Family Guides: Supporting Math & Literacy Learning in 2021-2022...Click Blue Link Below

Seek Common Ground and 'Student Achievement Partners' created grade level guides to help support your child's learning in the 2021-2022 school year. Learn more about what your child(ren) should know and be able to do in math and literacy. In addition, how to reinforce learning with everyday activities, tips for talking to teachers, and online resources/games.

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