Part #4: Think Tank

Can we quiet our minds and just get busy?

The journey won't match the daydream

There will be magic, mayhem, and miracles. Do yourself a favor...don't try to imagine what's going to happen. Instead of worrying about what and how this will come about...focus on why you're doing it and that it's happening now.

Our leaders say:

  • Be so busy you don't have time to worry about numbers.
  • No time with TV. Less social media. The focus is the focus. All downtime must be dedicated to this qualification! Morning, noon, and night.
  • Find a title wave of excitement and give it a voice...share it with your team...even when you have to fake positive, encouraging, and a believer at all times! Be the buzz that is contagious!

Make "NO"s Neutral

Nothing changes when we hear a "NO". Doesn't penalize us, take QV away, or affect our BBs. Move on quickly and encourage your team to do the same. That NO may change in the future. So for now...go around or under that hurdle, but don't waste time staring at it.

"20 Seconds of Courage..."

Talk to everyone you meet. Tell everyone you know. Be casual. Be patient. Be inquisitive. Be gracefully aggressive. If you leave a conversation having not shared, you'll kick yourself.
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You decided. You're moving towards it. Don't stop until you get THERE!