Pubic Lice

Athena W TB 7

What Is Pubic Lice?

Pubic lice are tiny insects that can crawl from the pubic hair of one to another, usually during a sexual intercourse. The lice lives by sucking the blood from their host.

How Is Pubic Lice Transmitted?

Public lice is most often transmitted through sexual intercourse, even if a condom is used. It can also be transmitted through infested

  • clothing
  • towels
  • bedding

What Are Some Symptoms?

Symptoms are usually noticeable within a week. It takes 2-3 weeks for mature lice to appear. Some symptoms include:

  • intense itching
  • tiny tan to grayish white insects crawling in pubic hair
  • tiny oval shaped, yellow to white blobs (nits) clinging to hair
  • can leave bluish-gray marks on thighs and pubic area from bites

What Are Some Treatments?

  • see a doctor
  • see a gynecologist
  • perscribed medication
  • over-the-counter medicine that kills lice and their eggs
  • treatments may need to be repeated after 7-10 days to kill lice
  • wash and dry all bedding, towels, and recently worn clothing in very hot water

What Are Some Problems?

  • itching very uncomfortable
  • easy to transmit

How Can You Prevent Pubic Lice?

  • don't have sex with someone with pubic lice (even if a condom is used)
  • wash clothing, towels, and bedding often