What do Gorillas mean to you?

Gorillas endangered are in need of your help

What dangers do Gorillas face in Central Africa?

Nora O'Neill

Gorillas in the mountains of Central Africa face many dangers. The silverback, for example, typically the strongest male of a pack, protects his family and group from danger, somehow though many things go against a gorilla and his relatives. Gorillas travel in groups of 6 to 8 with at least 1 male and at the most 2 males. One of the dangers they face is their habitat and the forests being cut down for palm oil, which is used in many snacks that you eat. Gorillas are being hunted and their meat and skin used for up to 30 million dollars in trade. Another one is that the climate change from global warming affects how they can live and survival. I know this sounds weird and deadly, but the fact is that a human in Africa might just have a cold but if a gorilla catches a human virus, it can kill the gorilla. That’s why you always have to wear a mask if you’re sick and taking care of a gorilla. With all these dangers happening, gorillas are dying and their species is in danger of becoming a population of only a few hundred thousand.

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How far away are the Gorillas from extinction?

These gorillas numbers are coming down quickly. It depends on what happens.

To narrow it down I would say that the lowland and eastern Gorillas are halfway on the scale to extinction. Still all gorillas are incredibly endangered and are on the verge of extinction. Cross River Gorillas are the closest to becoming knocked out of population. There’s only 156,000-200,000 left in the world which is terrifying….With all this shocking news I believe that this endangerment could cause them to become extinct.

How can we help?

There’s many ways to help the gorillas, just 1 person is all it takes to support and stand up for these gorillas.

You can help. Start by becoming a hero to these gorillas. Some ways to help is by adopting one or supporting activists that are in this movement. Take a stand and create a world full of happy gorillas. I’m going to list some links that can get you through the process of helping these creatures.




http://igcp.org/ Find a way to take your stand and make this species a happy not extinct one!

Where are these Gorillas being found, what health centers are helping these Gorillas?

In 1991 three organizations were co founded by International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP) The foundations are located as: 1 in Rwanda , 1 in Uganda, and 1 in Congo. To help sanitation in these help centers they have 2 separate plantations one for wood and another for charcoal. The conservation does that to prevent any diseases spreading to the Gorillas and it has been working ever since. Visit their website; all you have to do is hit the link above or below:


What's going to happen to them?

So far all anyone can do is support and help foundations to keep the gorillas happy and healthy. In this case the gorillas survival is on the line. The one big question everyone is asking is ,”Will the Gorillas become extinct?” The answer is I don’t know, nobody knows, not even scientist know the answer to this question. Very few are remaining and if we don’t do something, soon the population will drop so far down that we won’t be able to do anything about it. Field teams are trying to find ways to keep the Gorillas from catching any diseases that might spread and wipe them all out. So they created a machine that keeps the area clean and healthy. It’s called a sanitation machine. Help support the funds to raise money to keep the gorillas as healthy as can be.

Here's a map of the area where they have the help centers for the Gorillas; there are 3 different foundations

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Try not to laugh or cry!!

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