Design Studio Door Logo

Criteria B - Developing Ideas - Sreypich Heng

Design Specification

  • must be in a round shape (2D or 3D)
  • must be able to read from 1-3 meters away
  • must include at least 3 colors of Nord Anglia
  • must include a slogan
  • font must be simple and elegant
  • must use at least one pcitogram/small image in the logo
  • final product must be made in either photoshop or illustrator
  • must be CRAP

Design #1

This first design is very standard and easy to create. I really like the colors combination and how I layout the words.
Big image

Design #2

For this design, I really like the little detail of the paint brush and the triangular ruler. This little things can really bring the whole logo together and it won't be too plain and boring. This logo also shows the location of the school and when this school was created in 1997.
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Design #3

I don't really like this design because it's so simple and my ideas for this design isn't at a good point. I didn't include any interesting items like the second design.
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Design Specifications Evaluation

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Final Design

I chose this to be my final design because I really like the elements withing both design #1 and #2, so I decided to combine those two together to get this final logo. Based on my design specifications, design 1 and design 2 doesn't have many No(s). Besides, not only does this logo fits the Nord Anglia theme, but it also fits my personality as a designer. I love simplicity and retro, but with a modern touch to it. This logo is perfect for design rooms because it showcase many different personality within one logo. Retro, classic, trendy/modern, simple colors etc. It's all included in this one logo.
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Stencil Design For Blank Wall

When I started to sketch my designs for my logos, I realized that the walls outside the design rooms are really plain and boring, so I thought of creating something more street art and funky to balance out the elegantness of my logo. I came up with the saying "Design Your Heart Out", but instead of writing the word heart, I would just draw the heart. The way I will transfer this design onto the wall is by stencil technique. I will cut out huge letters to exactly fit the wall outside and I will also cut out the shape of a heart to represent the meaning to the work. This idea is amazing like I said above, it balance everything between elegantness and funkiness. Mixing advanced technolgoy with street art is something different and it's definitely something new for the school to have.
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