Help Save Africa's Soil

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The Problem

Unfortunately, thanks to foraging, grazing, and subsistence agricuture Africa's soil is less fertile than that found on other continents. Because of low soil productivity people use slash-and-burn agriculture in which peasants keep clearing land.

The Effect

The main effects of soil erosion are deforestation and desertification. Because of deforestation animals will be forced to move out of their habitat and find a new place to live. However with desertification both humans and animals will be forced to move. Other affects include less food on tables and less money in pockets.


The solutions for infertile soil include terracing, crop rotation, and contour plowing.

How You Can Help

To save the soil in Africa my team and I are going into Ghana to build terraces, and teach the people there about contour plowing and crop rotation. However, the materials such as rocks and plows are expensive, so please donate Mr. Gates.