Intro Essential Oils: Family + Pets

How To Use Nature's Gift of Wellness For The Whole Family

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Join us in the upstairs meeting room at Old Bag of Nails for an educational class about Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Have a beverage and a snack (or meal!) while learning how to use pure, natural, safe essential oils in your home and how essential oils can empower you to take care of you of your family naturally. This class will cover an Introduction to Essential Oils and with tips on how to use oils with your family pet.

Invite a friend!

Thursday, May 12th, 6:30-8pm

63 Mill Street

Columbus, OH

This class is FREE and OPEN to the public.
Invite a friend and make an evening of it!

At Old Bag of Nails in Gahanna at Creekside.

Upstairs in their Community Room.
Full menu will be available if you would like to order something to drink, a meal, or snack.
(At your own cost.)

Family pets (exception: service animals) need to stay at home, please.

DOOR PRIZE RAFFLE ~ Earn tickets for great prizes:

1 ticket – Arrive at 6:45 or earlier

1 ticket – RSVP by text or phone to 614-620-2676

2 tickets – For each friend you bring w/you!

2 tickets - First timers to an Oil Class!

2 tickets - Schedule a essential oil workshop/bingo/class

The raffle at the end of the class.


RSVP to Caroline Gatsch
Phone/Text 614-620-2676

RSVP to Linda Mustric

Phone/Text 614-805-8411

About Caroline

Caroline Gatsch began her essential oil journey in October 2011 when her family was experiencing a medical and emotional crisis. After seeing amazing results from the use of oils, Caroline taught her first class in February 2012. She began incorporating the oils in her health & wellness practice shortly thereafter. Caroline has been a certified perinatal professional (Childbirth Educator, Labor & Postpartum Doula, Lactation Counselor, Early Parenting Educator) for 15+ years. She is passionate about family wellness education including essential oils, self-care for the care giver, and keeping you within your budget while achieving your wellness goals. Caroline's teaching goal is to help make possible a gentle transition as you become a confident and calm (when it comes to your health & wellness) by providing healthy, safe, and evidence-based options.

Caroline has taught all types of essential oils classes in the Columbus community. In the fall of 2014 Caroline participated in Diamond Club - traveling the US to teach essential oil basics and supporting current wellness advocates. Caroline brings her years of experience as an adult health and wellness educator to her training workshops and classes. The information she presents is well researched and her dynamic personality keeps the classes fun.

About Linda

Linda has been using the oils for several years now and cannot imagine life without them! There are so many benefits to using pure, natural essential oils for health care. She has had great success easing problems such as poison ivy, cramps, anxiety and migraines. She loves that the oils are totally natural and pure, and that her family can save money on doctor and vet bills by using oils to assist with many minor problems. Recently Linda has been experimenting with some of the wellness products, including the LLV (Lifelong Vitality: vitamins and supplements) and the Trim Shakes and is seeing good results!

You should know...

Statements provided on this invitation and presented in the class by Caroline Gatsch and Linda Mustric and are for informational purposes only. The contents are not intended to provide a professional medical diagnosis, opinion, treat/cure/prevent any disease or to recommend any particular treatment.

Our health and well-being are important. I urge you to take responsibility for our own health-related decisions. Learn about our body and how it works. Learn what is naturally available to help us. Pharmaceuticals have their place but so does natural medicine. We need to become and remain proactive in seeking optimum health and wellness.

Take good care of your temple. Live with hope and joy!