Ven y vista a nuestra España bonita


Southwestern Europe, We are neighbors with Portugal and the French.

Weather Forecast

Monday, April 27th, 12am to Friday, May 1st, 2am

Madrid, Spain

Monday(H 67 degrees L46 degrees) Tuesday(H 68 degrees L50 degrees) Wednesday(H 74 degrees L51 degrees) Thursday(H 76 degrees L51 degrees) Friday(H 80 degrees L60 degrees)

Climate Type

Spain is Equipped with Mediterranean climate style

Physical Characteristics

#1 Sierra Nevada( 3,481 Meters)

#2 Douro River(557 Miles or 897 km)

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The main language in Spain is Spanish, but there are other languages like Basque and Catalan.
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Here are some examples of some Spanish Folkways: Shake hands when greeting, Female friends tend to kiss each other on both cheeks, the host gives the first toast


Do not being eating until the hostess starts, Do not get up until the guest of honour does


Spanish people value the sport of soccer more than anything in the whole wide world.


here are some subcultures of spain: 86% Natural born and 14% are Immigrants

Culture Landscapes

Serra De Tramuntana, Aranjuez Cultural Landscape.

Cultural Diffusion

every one comes together when Spain's National Soccer Team is playing in the world cup
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Culture Change

they do an event called toreando


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