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Mr. Kennedy's Community Newsletter

TSGA School Hours 8:05-3:05pm

Dates to Remember

Jan. 4: BOOST Session 2

Jan. 12: Spelling Bee @8:30am (Testing Schedule)

Jan. 14: Professional Learning Day No School

Jan. 17: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day No School

Jan. 24: KC Arrowhead Visit (World's Finest Chocolate)

Start of 2nd Semester

We have officially stared the second half of our 2021-22 school year at TSGA! The first half went by extremely fast, but we had a lot of fun along the way. As we transition to the 3rd quarter there are some items that you need to know and that information can be found below. We have greatly enjoyed getting to know our students and we are looking forward to helping them grow academically and behaviorally as they finish out their sixth grade year. If you ever have questions about your child's progress always feel free to reach out to their classroom teacher or myself.

We are still dealing with the affects of COVID at TSGA and in our district. We all know this is the normal "cold/flu" season along with COVID affecting so many. As you know, masks are optional at school, but required on district transportation. Nurse Debbie is doing a wonderful job of working with sick students, testing for COVID and communicating with families. She does a great job of explaining quarantine and timelines. If you ever have questions, please feel free to call her.

I appreciate the communication that you as parents have established with TSGA during this time as well. The more information we have about circumstances surrounding COVID for your child or family, the better we are able to respond. I know that we will all continue communicating to help keep our students healthy and in school. Thank you!

Grades and Missing Work

We are going to work hard to help reduce missing assignments for students moving forward. This causes stress and anxiety and can often lead to students feeling like there is too much to do to catch up. We do not want our students to feel this way and we are going to support them several ways. We are going to remind them daily to complete the work and to submit in Schoology for each course. This seems simple, but we often find students will do the work and forget to upload/submit their assignments. You can always ask your child to show you their courses in Schoology or download the app of your phone to see the following:

  • Current Grade
  • Missing Work (Orange Hexagon)
  • Missing/Late Submitted Work (Small paper next to assignment)

Always feel free to contact your child's teacher if you have questions about their grade and/or missing assignments.

If you download the Schoology app you can change notifications so that you receive daily or weekly notifications on your child's missing assignments. Use the PDF listed below titled "Schoology Notification Missing Work" to help you set this up.

When/if students are ever absent due to any COVID circumstance they should do the following:

  • Complete the assignments they can in Schoology for each of their courses
  • Email teachers with questions
  • Do Lexia and ALEKS (they know what these apps are and should try to complete 20 minutes for each every day)
  • When they come back to school they can ask teachers for assistance with work they missed

When/if students are ever absent due to any other circumstances the following will occur (this can include if a student was at school but did not submit an assignment):

  • The work will be marked missing. Missing work counts as a "0". This does change their grade until the work is submitted and graded.
  • When missing work is submitted the assignment will have a small paper next to it. Teachers will unmark/uncheck missing so that students know the teacher saw the missing assignment was turned in. This will change your child's grade.

Teachers will communicate when the missing work is due with their classes and your child. Missing work can cause stress and anxiety for students and we are working to help them become better organized and responsible when it comes to completing and turning in their work.

TSGA Updates


Mask are optional for students and staff. Mask are required on district transportation. The majority of our students and staff are continuing to wear masks.

Spelling Bee

We held our TSGA on Wednesday, January 12. Nathaniel Gray is our TSGA Spelling Bee Champion and Mikayla Boyce was our runner-up. Nathaniel Gray will compete in the Wyandotte County Spelling Bee on February 5. All of our students did an amazing job and I was proud of them for how well they did throughout. Thank you Mrs. Zuniga, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Fisher and Ms. Highland for helping plan, prepare and assist with making it happen. If you missed your child participating or just want to view the even we did stream it on our Turner Sixth Grade Academy Facebook page.

World's Finest Chocolate Arrowhead Visit

If your child sold 4 or more boxes of chocolate for our World's Finest Chocolate Fundraiser they get to attend a field trip to Arrowhead Stadium on January 24. More information to come soon.

BOOST Session 2

We have started our 2nd session of BOOST. We reviewed MAP data to determine who would be invited and participate. This session runs through February 11 and occurs on Tue/Wed/Thur from 3:30-4:30pm. Studnets who are in BOOST receive addtional support in the area of ELA and math. They get to work in smaller groups with a teacher in both areas. A snack and transportation is provided. We will have a 3rd session which will run from Feb. 21-Apr. 8.

Bus Expectations

Transportation is provided by the district at no cost. This is a privilege that most other districts are not able to provide. Our goal is for our bus drivers to safely get our students to and from school. This job becomes difficult when students do not follow the expectations on the bus. In an effort to help minimize or eliminate behaviors on the bus I will be addressing behaviors according to our district's code of conduct for students using district provided transportation.

While on the bus students are expected to:

  • Stay seated
  • Talk quietly
  • Keep hands and feet to themselves
  • Not throw anything

Excerpt from the Transportation of the TUSD Handbook:

"Bus drivers are the school authority on bus routes. Students are always to obey their driver. Violation of bus rules will result in the bus consequences indicated below and additional school consequences as indicated in this handbook’s Code of Conduct. Administrators have the authority to use discretion when enforcing bus consequences. All administrators also have the responsibility to impose an appropriate level of consequence for clear and blatant violations of the bus rules and TUSD Code of Conduct. This would include applying a higher level of consequence for serious violations of the code, even if it would be the student’s first offense.

  • 1st referral: Warning
  • 2nd referral: Loss of bus privilege for 1-3 days
  • 3rd Referral: Loss of bus privilege for 3-5 days
  • 4th Referral: Loss of bus privileges for a term to be determined by an administrator

Top Dawg Tokens

We have started a "Top Dawg" weekly competition between homeroom classes. This will be something that we do for the remainder of the year. We started this as a way to:

  • increase the positive relationships in homeroom classes
  • instill a greater sense of pride in TSGA
  • to have FUN

Each week homeroom classes try to earn Top Dawg tokens through various competitions or activities. These could be for positive behavior, improvement in an aspect of their schoolwork, or team building competitions. Some examples of activities we have already done include:

  • Coming up with a team name and make a team poster
  • Least amount of missing work in math
  • Pumkin Toss
  • Punkin' Chunkin' (Halloween themed bag competition)
  • Highest attendance

Top Dawg tokens are awarded to classrooms based on their ranking for each weekly competition. For example if a class finished 1st place they get 12 tokens and last place receives 1 token (we have 12 total homerooms). I hope that you will ask your child about this to learn more.

TUSD Inclement Weather Two Hour Delay Procedures

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COVID Quarantine Information

Positive Student

Quarantine for 10 days starting day symptoms began or date of test. Return to school on day 11.

Unmasked and/or unvaccinated students who are close contacts to a positive case have three options:

· The student will quarantine for 10 days.

· In lieu of the 10-day quarantine, the student may quarantine at home for 7 days and return to school with a negative COVID-19 test after 7 days.

· In lieu of a quarantine, the student will remain in school, wear a mask, and take a daily rapid COVID test for 7 days (as tests are available).

If your child falls into the unmasked and/or unvaccinated category or begins to show symptoms, they need to reach out to their school nurse to discuss options. Clinical symptom criteria is at least one of the following: fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, OR at least two of the following symptoms: chills, stiffness or rigidity, muscle aches or pain, headache, sore throat, changes in smell or taste, stomach or abdominal pain/vomiting/diarrhea. If your student is not vaccinated, the best way to reduce exposure and eliminate potential quarantines is to wear a mask.

Household Exposure

Quarantine for 10 days WITH positive member, starting day symptoms began or date of test, PLUS 7 days for their own quarantine period. Return on day 18 OR quarantine for 10 days WITH positive member, starting day symptoms began or date of test and return to school on day 11, and test every day for 7 days.

Nurse Information

Debbie Pittman is our school nurse. She will be the one who takes care of your child at TSGA if they are not feeling well or if they just need an ice pack or band aid. She is a great resource if your child:

  • has a health condition that needs attention at school
  • becomes sick or ill
  • needs hygiene supplies

We still have COVID procedures for in place in the Turner School District. Nurse Debbie will explain these to you if your child goes home sick so that you have more information.

Any student with a temperature of 100 degrees, or higher, will have to go home. If this occurs parents will be notified and have to pick them up immediately. You will not need to come into the office, just call 913-288-3800 and we will bring them out to you.

If a student goes home with a temperature they cannot return until they are fever free for 72 hours without medication.

It is important that you have an updated phone number and email address so that we can contact you if this occurs. You can check and update this in your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account. If you have issues access your Parent Portal account please use the following email address for assistance: ParentPortalHelp@turnerusd202.org

Transportation Ride 360 & Bus Cards

Traversa App

All TUSD buses are now equipped with technology that will allow parents to track their student’s bus and receive notifications about the bus location. Students will have swipe cards that they use when they get on or off of the their bus. This will allow parents to see track the bus ride. Students will need to keep this swipe card in a safe place. They receive one free lost card per year. If they need a third card, they will be charged $5.

If you have any questions or need assistance getting your student(s) linked in the Ride 360 app, please call us at 913-288-3700. We encourage you to watch the below videos to learn more about how to download the Ride 360 app as well as the many features you will find in the app, including phone notifications for when the bus is nearing your stop.

Features of the Ride 360 App: https://youtu.be/tXlMRen-snQ

Downloading and Linking Students to the Ride 360 App: https://youtu.be/Estz9DOdDi4

Bus Cards

Student should have bus cards and lanyards . Students will swipe their card when they get on the bus. This will allow parents to use the Traversa app to track their child's bus ride.

Remind your child to keep this bus card in a safe place. If a student loses their card, they do receive one free card. If they lose it a second time they are charged $5. If a student loses their card, please let our office staff know. There is additional information about the Traversa app in this newsletter.

Arrival and Dismissal

Car Rider Arrival

Car riders can be dropped off starting at 7:40am in the front circle drive. We have two lanes. When your student enters the building through the double doors. If you arrive after 8am your child will have to enter through the main office doors. They will have to press the buzzer to the right of the door to be let in.

Car Rider Dismissal

Car rider will go to our gym/cafeteria at 3:05pm. They will sit/stand socially distanced in this space while they wait for you to arrive or to be called to leave. Once you pull up in the front drive a staff member will ask you who your child is, call for them and then they will come out. After the first couple of weeks our staff members will recognize you and may not have to ask who you are picking up. This process will become quicker with practice and familiarity.

Bus Arrival

They must wear a mask while on the bus and will have assigned seats so that they are socially distanced. Busses will be unloaded one at a time as they arrive at TSGA. A staff member will walk them from the bus into they building. Upon entering they will go straight to their homeroom.

Bus Dismissal

We will load busses starting at 3:05pm. We will load one bus at a time so that students can social distance while leaving their classrooms and getting on the bus. This process may be slower at first, but will eventually become quicker. Students must wear their mask on the bus ride home.


Our goal is to have all of our students here every day. Classes start at 8:05am. After 8:05am a student will be counted tardy. All students get 10 excused absences. If your child is out for a medical purpose, you can share their doctor's note and our office staff will enter this as a medical absence. If your child is absent for any reason, please call the school at 913-288-3800. Our office staff will get this marked in our attendance system.


We will have breakfast available for students. This is set up as a grab and go breakfast. We will have two food service employees who will distribute breakfast to students as they arrive in the morning. Students who choose to eat breakfast do so in their homeroom classroom.


Schoology is our district's learning management system. Your child will use this daily at TSGA. When logged is as a parent you can view information about your child's grades and can communicate with their teachers. I encourage you to download the app, if you have not already done so, in preparation for the upcoming school year. Use the link below if you need additional support.


TUSD Enrollment

Use this link to find additional information about enrolling your child for the 2020-21 school year.

TSGA Staff

Principal - Matthew Kennedy

Office Staff - Tammy Wake and Teresa Torres

Nurse - Debbie PIttman

Kitchen Manager - Joanna Romo

Math - Theresa Clifford, Angela Riley, Karen Parra, Carrie Weber

ELA - Sarah Holland, Mollie Carty, Ron Wilks, Nichole Zuniga

Science - Breanna Copple

Social Studies - Darian Nave, Bruce Dougherty

Mobile Media - Shelby Smith

Music - Erin Highland

Art - Dana Hetzler

PE - Pete Neri

Band - Wesley Lewis

Special Education (SPED) Teachers- Erica Etzel, Ashley Pieper

SPED Paraprofessionals - Samantha Carey, Cateeka Evans

English Language Learning (ELL) - Melissa Smith

Counselor - LIndsey Fisher

Social Worker - Susanna Hendrickson

Psychologist - Jacquline Cowher

Insctructional Coach - Sarah Tidwell

Title I Paraprofessional - Misty Deckard, Rachel Way, Jen Deckard

Speech - Jennifer Ramshaw

Custodian - Rosie Kurtz, Heath Roland

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