Will women surpass men?

High jump

High jump is a athletics event that is known around the world. its in many compensations including the olympics


the reason of why we chose to look at comparisons of girl and boys high jump scores is because of how people had the thought of how the girls may be behind but could be catching up to where they start to beat men.


the goal of this is to gather data and see if the data tells us that women will surpass men or will men keep on jumping higher then girls

scatter plot

here is a scatter plot of the data I collected. boys are red and girls are blue. seeing this its obvious that boys are performing better than girls but lets see how long they will.

lines of best fit

here is the same scatter plot but with lines of best fit added into it. now because of this we can see general how men and women will possibly be performing for the future.
Big image

the intersection point

here you can see that girls and boys will both presumbly jump the same height. according to the data we have boys and girls will meet at a intersection point at the year 2342. meaning that the year after that girls will be surpassing men. But in this year there is no Olympics. Meaning that the estimated time women surpass men would be in the 2344 Olympics.

x cord

the x axis in this study is the year. meaning that the bigger the x value is the later the event is.

y cord

the y axis is how high the person jumped meaning that as the persons score on high jump rises the points on the scatter plot rise .
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