Imagine having polio and what you would be going through.

Background Information

Polio is a disease caused by a virus damaging the nervous system. There is a lot of symptoms of polio like headache, tiredness, fever, and pain. Most people that get polio die. Along time ago there was no vaccine for it. But a guy named Salk found a cure and saved many lives. Now, in the United States, children get the polio vaccine when little. To prevent polio.

Digging Deeper

I read an article about a little girl named Carol , 4 , . She had polio. Mom had an idea that Carol had polio because of all her symptoms she had. They went to the doctor for a test and Carol had polio. she had to go to Toronto Sick Children's Hospital.In 1952 there were 57,000 cases of polio. That's why the government approved the use of a vaccine so it would stop people from getting polio. At the some president Roosevelt urged scientists for a cure. Finally a guy named Salk made the vaccine and saved many lives.

My Research Question

How many people still have polio now? How can we stop it?


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