MC Donald's (happy meal)


Target audience

I think the target audiences of this commercial are kids or parents.

The strategy they used

The strategy they used is they are using shopkins toys to make their happy meal sell more because kids love shopkins toys and they will love to have a free shopkin toy in happy meal which is absolutely free.

Agree or Disagree

yes , I agree with this strategy because most of the kids are attracted to Shopkins toys and I think this will definitely encourage them to eat happy meals and get a free toy.

Creating project

I think I am gonna change and make a combination of mixed things like free music,toys and free treats so i will give free iTunes card free toys and free treats.

whats the difference?

So Im just gonna combine all the fun stuff kids would love to have for free and in this way McDonald's will sell their happy meal more than they usually do.
McDonald's Happy Meal Commercial 2016 Shopkins