Benjamin Franklin

By: Pavitar Singh


Benjamin Franklin used his lifetime very wisely! In this passage it will discuss Ben`s early life,what he did for a living,and how he made his mark on the world. It will also have a glossary,all about the author.Also a sources page for more information get cozy your in for alot of knoledge

Ben's early life

Wait a minute there is another child in the Franklin house! Benjamin was born to a huge family as in huge i mean being the Fifteenth child of the Franklin house! When Ben was in school he was excellent in reading and writing. At the age of fifteen he started writing news papers for his brother James news paper called the New England Courant.The New England

Courant is a news paper that was owned by the Franklins. One time Ben saved the people of Boston from a small pox outbreak by selling news papers saying to avoid contact with sick people.At the age of seventeen Benjamin traveled to London to complete his training as a writer and printer when he came back he moved to Philadelphia and took over a paper

called the Pennsylvania Gazette. The Pennsylvania Gazette was on of the most prominent newspaper until 1728 to the time period the American Revolution

What Ben Did For a living

After having a successful early life Benjamin was off to a good start.After taking over the Pennsylvania Gazette Ben became a master of his own in printing! Benjamin was also an accomplished writer,inventor,diplomat,and scientist. also when being a writer Ben wrote the poor Richards almanac including sayings,poems,astronomy and more. He invented a lot of things like the Franklin stove,bifocal glasses,and the first maps of the gulf stream and proved that lightning was a source of electricity. After the Revolutionary War Ben helped negotiate The Treaty of Paris with England.he also served at the constitutional convention

where the U.s. Constitution was drafted

How Benjamin Made His Mark On The World

Have you ever wondered how Ben became famous? Benjamin was best known for his role in the American Revolution. He also was part of the Declaration committee which drafted the Declaration of Independence.Also Ben went to France to gain support to the colonies.Also when in France he gained a lot of reputation there! He also wore a coonskin hat which people called him handsome.


So were you cozy enough? Did you gain a lot of knowledge?If so the knowledge you gained just told you about Benjamin Franklin`s early life,what Ben did for a living,and how he made his mark on the world.If you did not gain the knowledge about Benjamin Franklin
please read on to the sources Thank You.


  • American Revolution : It was a political upheaval that took place during 1765 to 1783
  • Coonskin hat : The coonskin hat is a hat that is made out of a Racoon hide
  • Declaration of Independence : It is a statement adopted by the continental congress
  • Time period : A Length of time during which a series of events or actions take place
  • United states constitution : It is a supreme law of the United states of America


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