College Composition & Research

Jensen Simmer

Purpose & Future

My name is Jensen Simmer, I am currently a senior at Chillicothe High School. I am presently enrolled in College Composition & Research, taught by Dr. Watkins. Outside of school, I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing sports, and spending time with family. Next Fall I plan to further my education at the University of Central Missouri, where I will study Elementary Education.

College Composition & Research

This class is taught by Dr. Jill Watkins at Chillicothe High School. Throughout the year, she teaches us to be better organized thinkers, and advanced writers.


Academic Resume

My academic resume, includes all of the notable accomplishments of my life. These are the clubs and organizations that I have been apart of, and the leadership roles I have participated in.

College Application Essay

My college application essay, is an essay about my father and how he has helped me grow into the person I am today, and raised me to have strong morals as an adult.

Narration Essay

In my narration essay, I discuss the pros and cons to being a single mother, and state why believe single mothers of being capable of raising their children to be successful alone.

Narration Essay:

"Anything is Possible"

Analysis Essay

Have you ever wondered just how much of an impact social media has on your life? In the analysis essay, I discuss how Instagram specifically influences our lives.

Analysis Essay:

"Changing Times"

Definition Essay

Learning comes in all kinds of different forms. Some students are visual learners, some are verbal and even physical. In my definition essay, we look into how schools are changing to create better students and advanced leaders.
Definition Essay:

"The Bigger Picture"

Summary/Response Essay

In my summary/response essay, I review the way the older generations are looking at the newer generations as weak, and talk about why I feel they aren't weak, but simply smarter when it comes to figuring out easier ways to solve problems.
Summary/Response Essay:

"The Misunderstood Generation"

Argumentative Essay

It is no secret that poverty is still rising all over the world, but would you ever think America would struggle with that? In my argumentative essay, I talk about food stamps, and how America is working to resolve the issue of poverty.

Recent News

"Top 5" Lessons

These are the tips and tricks that helped me survive the first semester of College Composition & Research.

Reflection Piece

This was one of the papers that I thought I did well on this semester, and my overall review of my strengths and weaknesses.

Screen Cast

This is just a little blurb about what I learned while I was involved in Dr. Watkins College Composition and Research class.

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