color blindness

a reduced ability to distinguish between certain colors


not being able to see colors

Treatment/ Medication/ Surgery

Treatment- there is no current treatment because its not something you can control whether you get it or not.

Medication- there is also no medication for color blindness

Surgery- there is a laser eye surgery you can get, but some people say they are unhappy because it changes the way they see the world.


color blindness is a hereditary condition, therefor there is no way to prevent it.


  • color blindness awareness
  • the voice of the nations blind
  • ACB


Color blindness is very common, there is more than 3 million cases a year.

Color blindness is more common in men because its carried on the x chromosome

healthy tips for pregnant women

  • follow the nutrition guides
  • don't drink, smoke, or do drugs
  • decorate infants room with bright colors to help stimulate there vision

what color blind people see