Why Put Info. Online About You

Want to Keep Info. From Dangerous People While Being Careful

The Internet Isn't that Private

Have you ever wanted to say something online without people who you don't know to ever read it? Those people could still find what you wrote; the Internet isn't that private, anyone can find your post or blog. Is that the same as when you put your private information online for example your social security number. Yes, you might just be putting it in your insurance document or bank record but is it really the only place that will be seen.

Identity Theft and How to Defend Against It

In 2008 credit card fraud was the most common form of reported identity theft. Identity theft is serious you should put passwords on all of your important online websites and remember to log out. Just because you close out of the site it doesn't mean you are logged out. Don't put a lot of information online about yourself; if bad people get a hold of that information and can do bad things with it that can hurt you financially.

People between the ages of 18-26 are most likely to be victims of identity theft.

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