Module 3 Review Project

Chapters 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Communication Skills

  • Communication is necessary for success in the workplace
  • The goal is to creat mutual understanding
  • Formal and informal communication are appropriate at different times
  • Word choice is important
  • Listening and silence are both required for effective comunication

Accountability & Workplace Relationships

  • Take responsibility for the jobs you perform
  • Be accountable for your actions
  • Keep friendships in the workplace positive
  • If negative relationship, stay professional
  • Accountable: responsible to someone or for some action

Teamwork, Motivation & Leadership

  • Most companies use teams to accomplish goals
  • Effective teams share goals and respect eachother
  • Team conflict is natural
  • Communication is key
  • Motivation helps you meet the need
  • Everyone can be a successful leader

Conflict and Negotiation

  • Conflict is normal when working with others
  • How you deal with it shows a lot about yourself
  • Employees have a right to not be harassed at work
  • Try resolving conflicts at the lowest level first
  • Holding grudges is not professional


What they all have in common is the fact that they deal with other people. What I've learned in the last four chapters is that dealing with fellow employees is very important and it is just as important to make and maintain a good relationship with them.
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