One Tuesday Morning

Paige Mestl

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This book tells that story of two different families that were affected by 9/11. It shares how their life was before the attacks and then how they had to deal with the effects after. Both of the families that are followed through the book have someone working in or attending to the Twin Towers on the morning of the attack and what happens that day will forever affect their lives.


Jake Bryan's Family

Jake- married to Jamie and is a firefighter in NYC

Jamie- married to Jake

Sierra- Jake and Jamie's young daughter

Eric Michael's Family

Eric- married to Laura and works for a major company

Laura- married to Eric and stays at home

Josh- Eric and Laura's son

Clay- Eric's younger brother

Is this book apart of a series?

Yes! This is one of three book focusing on both the families of Jake Bryan and Eric Michael's. It shows how after 9/11 they all had to learn and grow from it which made them much stronger. This first book leaves you hanging and I thought that the next book filled in the questions I had very good.

Was this book written well?

Yes! I thought that this book was written very well. It always kept you on your toes about what was going to happen to the families in the book. Everytime that something big would happen in one of the families lives the chapter would end and then go back to the other family causing you to have to keep reading.

Was there a tone of this book?

The tone of this book kept you wondering the entire time what was going to happen to the main characters. You were always concerned for how 9/11 affected them and their families. You were always kept waiting to see what was going to happen to the character which kept the book very interesting.