Demonstration Plan - Rich Task

Maha Almehri @ Applewood Satellite


Thursday, June 11th, 9am

1150 Dream Crest Road

Mississauga, ON

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Description of Activity: Library Routine

I have chosen to share how I assist a student with her daily library routine. The routine is an important part of her day because it helps the student build independence and self-confidence. When going to the library the student has the opportunity to speak with people. The student learns how to talk to other people without getting distracted, it also builds self-dependency in her by doing the job on her own with little help as possible. By performing a specific task independently it gives a chance to develop a variety of skills such as problem solving skills.


I have chosen this task because it is an everyday task that the student starts with. It is important that each step is followed exactly because the student is familiar with the routine and by following that routine the student enhances their skills in it. In addition, the student also develops skills such as decision making, observing and many more while performing the task at the same time. It is crucial for the student to complete all of the library routine as independently as possible. This allows the student to reach their potential as they move towards independence in the community.

Details of Activity:

  1. Help student prepare for the library visit.
  2. Take her social story to the library to refer to the pictures when needed.
  3. Enter the library and sign in.
  4. Write the date for the student and ask her for the time and to write it down.
  5. Greet the staff members. If she is hiding then show her the social story and tell her that it is not permitted for her to do so. Give her limited time to perform this and if she doesn't do this on time then she losses her chance to do so.
  6. Grab some blank computer papers from the back to start the first task which is to fill in the printer paper.
  7. Go to the printer machine with her and make sure she fills in the paper independently
  8. Ask her questions so that she gives answers and has a better understanding of whether she is supposed to fill in more papers in the machine.
  9. Put the excess paper back on the back shelf
  10. If she's being distracted then I either ask or point to the task to get her attention
  11. Before the next task even begins, let her know that if she does the task independently then she wins a happy face which would then result her to win the award
  12. Start the next task with pushing in the chairs and making sure the sign is set straight
  13. After that task is done then go around the library again with her and make sure that there are no books lying around
  14. If there are books lying around then make sure she brings the book on the front desk
  15. Sign out. Make sure she tells you the time and if she tells you the wrong time then correct her and instruct her to write the time down. Then I calculate the time she was there and tell her to write down the minutes.
  16. Say good-bye to the staff members. If she’s hiding then show her the social story and point to the picture on the story where it shows her that she is not permitted to so. Make sure she has a limited time to do this, if she does not do it on time then just let her know that she has lost her chance to wave good-bye to the staff members in the library

Required Materials:

  • Social story
  • Smiley face

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher: None