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White, Black, And Scandalous

Mr. Atticus Finch, a middle-aged lawyer, and a father of two has started a buzz throughout Maycomb! People have been whispering on the streets of Mr. Finch's ill devised and potentially damaging desicison towards his reputation. A Negro named Tom Robinson was recently convicted for a crime yet unknown to the public. Although there have been rumours about what the crime was, nobody seems to know for sure. Finch's mindless actions were seemingly done in the spur of the moment, as he has a high chance of losing the case. Mr. Finch will be going to court against the Ewell family, who are known friends of his. As if taking a Negro's side wasn't surprising enough, Atticus is willing to face his friends in a battle he will likely lose! What was he thinking? On top of that, the case is affecting his personal life. Jeremy (Jem) and Jean Louis (Scout) Finch - Atticus' children - have been tormented at school by their fellow classmates. Their school mates have reportedly "called their father rude names" which led to Scout, Atticus' daughter in the second grade, to beat up anyone who insulted her father. Also, the rest of the Finch family has distanced themselves from Atticus, calling him a disgrace to the Finch name.

Crazy Dog Chase

In the streets on Maycomb, Tim Johnson - a friendly neighbourhood dog - was seen wandering about by a couple of kids. Jem and Scout Finch, the children of lawyer Atticus Finch (see article above), spotted Tim while they were outside. But something seemed off. The dog was reportedly walking slowly and lopsided. The children told their chef Calpurnia about the dog, who called Eula May and asked her to call and warn the other residents on the street following a call to Atticus. Mr. Finch brought along Sheriff Heck Tate to handle the dog. By the time they arrived, the whole neighbourhood had locked up their doors. Atticus Finch brought Sheriff Heck Tate along with him to his house to help handle the crazed canine. Atticus Finch, who was known as One-Shot Finch in his younger days, shot the dog with the sheriff's rifle. Tim Johnson was shortly after disposed of. Fortunately this story ended on a high note for all... maybe all but one; Mr. Harry Johnson still doesn't know about his dead dog.

Boo Radley: Real or Legend?

"Whatever happened to Arthur Radley?" you may ask yourself. "Is Boo still around?" Where is he today?" "Is he even alive?"

Mr. Arthur Radley, also known as Boo Radley, was a rebellious adolescent. After returning home from a school for misfits, he seemingly disappeared. Children and adults alike have their own ideas what happened to him.

Many believe that Boo had gone mad, and once stabbed his father in the leg. Some believe he died and was stuffed up the chimney. When will we know the truth?

Unfortunately, we haven't come across a soul brave enough to set a foot on the Radley property. Not only is the Radley house spooky because of the mysterious Boo, but the house looks untidy and haunted even from the outside.

For more on the mysterious Boo Radley, turn to page 27.

Two New Restaurants

"Charles' Diner" and "Bob's Cafe" are having their grand openings this week. Charles Diner are having their opening this Friday, and they're taking 50% off your bill just for this one day. (No Negroes allowed.) Be sure to bring all your family and friends to celebrate great company, great food, and a great price!

Bob's Cafe, a Negro cafe, will open next Monday.