Mrs. Ecoff's Classroom Update

June 1, 2016

Reflections on First Grade

We are in the final home stretch of the 2015-2016 school year! Students and teachers alike have mixed feelings this time of the year. It has been a joy for me to get to know and work closely with each of your children this year and I am always learning new things working with them each day.

We've spent the last couple of weeks focused on reflection in reading class. As we reflect, we're reviewing strategies that we use as readers, things that good readers do, what we're good at, what we still need to work on, and generally what we truly enjoy to read. It has been an enjoyable time for students to show off all that they know about being a good reader. It has been and is a time in which our students get to choose if they will read fiction or nonfiction or a little of each to enjoy each day during their independent reading time. It has been wonderful to celebrate how much they've grown as readers!

Keep Learning and Reading this Summer!

Summer Reading: Make it a Daily Habit

Please continue to support your child in reading every day throughout the summer. Make it a daily habit. Research has shown that when we don't keep reading as a regular habit, students end up losing ground over the summer, which has become something known as "summer slide." The Waukesha Public Library has a wonderful summer reading program designed to encourage children to set goals for themselves and to keep reading. I strongly encourage you to check it out!

Last Day of School Surprises!

I would like to make our last day of school a special and enjoyable day for our class to enjoy as a community. So far, our children don't know any of the details and I'd like to surprise them with some fun. In the morning after our attendance is taken we'll take a walking field trip to Springs Park, a park located just a few blocks from our school. We'll plan to return to school mid-morning for snack time and more fun activities in the classroom. Students will enjoy a regular recess and then I'd like to have a class lunch together as a community in our classroom. I am inquiring if any parents would be interested or able to donate some portions of a class lunch (Pizza party? Nacho lunch party? Sub sandwiches? I am open to ideas/suggestions/donations such as juice for the class, a special treat, plates, cups, or napkins, or another idea you may have that you'd like to contribute. Following lunch we'll have some time to clean a bit, enjoy a short video and enjoy some community building activities as we reflect on and celebrate the year together. Our day and school year will end with music and art classes in the afternoon. Please contact me if you are willing and/or able to help contribute to an end of the year special lunch or special snack for our class. I would like to celebrate with our children all that they've accomplished this year in first grade! Thank you in advance for your support!